Nard genuine organic essential oil from Maienfelser

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Essential oil

Biol. Name: Nardostachys jatamansi / Indian nard

Origin: Nepal

Part of the plant: root

Manufacture: Distillation

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Nard genuine organic essential oil(jatamansi)

The spikenard belongs to the valerianaceae family and is similar in smell and effect to Indian valerian. The plant grows wild in the Himalayas up to 5,500 meters. She comes from China, Bhutan, India and Nepal. Due to uncontrolled wild collection, the nard is now threatened with extinction and may no longer be exported as raw material from Nepal, for example . There are attempts to cultivate the plant in northern India and Nepal. The spikenard is distilled from the roots.

1 liter is obtained from around 100 kg of roots. Oil

Even the ancient Egyptians used spears as incense and medicine. It has been used in Ayuvedic medicine for thousands of years, where the root is known as Jatamansi.

The Bible mentions nard as anointing oil, John 12: 1-7 and the Song of Songs 1:12 and 4:13 f.

In clinics today, good results are being achieved in withdrawing BTM.

It is reminiscent of in the scent Patchuli and both are used as a base note in perfumes and cosmetics. In the fragrance lamp / diffuser:
As a room fragrance, the strongly grounding, inward-leading aroma is ideal for supporting relaxing body therapies such as Shiatsu and Reiki.

We are obliged to state a best before date, but most oils have a much longer shelf life and even improve in their fragrance bouquet. Please check this before disposing of the oils after the best-before date.

– It would be a great pity to lose them.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The effect on the soul is: relaxing, balancing, nerve-strengthening, mood-enhancing, concentration-promoting, sleep-promoting

The effect physically: Anti-inflammatory, skin-regenerating, pain reliever, metabolism-promoting, wound-healing, appetizing, allergy-relieving, circulation-promoting, um

TIP: Scar treatment
Oil the scar with this mixture in the morning and evening for a longer period of time.
Ingredients: 6 drops of spikenard and 3 drops of neroli, myrrh and immortelle per 50 ml of rosehip seed oil

Ingredients: Nardostachys Jatamansi Rhizome / Root Extract, including Aceteugenol, Eugenol, Oleanolic Acid, Carypphyllene

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Nard bio essential oil from Maienfelser

Nard genuine organic essential oil from Maienfelser

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