The purest form of madness is to leave everything to the old and hope that something will change.

Albert Einstein

Essential Oils – AngeldarPhilosophy

Essential oils, base oils, flower water (hydrolates), essential fragrance compositions are a variety of high quality, natural flavors for your beauty, health and daily enjoyment.



Aromatherapy: Refers to the use of essential oils to relieve
disease or increase well-being. In
aromatherapy (part of plant medicine)essential essential oils and carrier oils are used.

Aroma care - natural aroma cosmetics

Aroma cosmetics

Aroma secret of natural beauty and health of skin and hair. Natural cosmetics have nurtured and preserved beauty for many years. Just enjoy…

Advantages of natural cosmetics:…

Aroma culture - fragrances for the whole day

Aroma culture

The aroma culture originates in the ancient fragrance cultures of the Near and Far East. Our modern aroma culture thrives on all these experiences. Aroma culture combines sensual fragrance experiences with the arts of painting, music, literature…

Get to know Birch Bark Products from Angeldar

New-no! Beautiful YES! Practical YES! Health-promoting YES! Organic YES! IT’S TIME

Birch bark products –

old traditions for the modern home

Birch bark, the still infinitely to be used raw material, which our ancestors already knew in the Stone Age and used for many things of daily life.

What are the advantages of birch bark products?

New fragrant products at Angeldar

Get to know the novelties: valuable essential oils – also as food for the refinement of food pearls of natural cosmetics and perfumes to create a new atmosphere in your house. The whole range of natural flavors for every occasion, for every day.

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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but
when there is nothing left to take away.”


Popular fragrant products from Angeldar

With pleasure to dive into the cloud from the favorite scent of the finest essential essences, to feel on the skin the delicate hint of natural oil, the sparkling dew of the flower water or perfume, know the power of a natural care cream. Falling in love again and again …

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The sense of smell – facts and figures

Our nose is the least researched organ to date. It was not until 1991 that the olfactory receptors were discovered by the American researcher Linda Buck.
The human system has 350 receptors
Theoretically, a person can distinguish up to 1 billion odors
The largest group of human genes – 1% – is responsible for the olfactory system
Each cell of the human body contains olfactory receptors, for example, the skin cell has 20 receptors, the heart cell has 30
Each group of cells in the body has its own smell,
different aromas activate different parts of the brain

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