Australian Sandalwood 10 Essential Oil Neumond

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5 ml

10 in organic wine spirit

Biological name: Santalum spicatum

Plant part: Wood

Manufacture: Destilation

Origin: Australia


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Australian sandalwood

Australian sandalwood, like the Indian,is the New Caledonian,as is the one produced in Sri Lanka. They differ only in fragrance.

Botany: The Australian sandal tree belongs to the family of the sandalwood family (Santalaceae). On top of that, Australian sandalwood is a treasure. The tree’s stock is highly endangered. It reaches its best quality at about 40m. The Australian government tightly controls deforestation, oil production and afforestation of Australian sandalwood

Australian sandalwood : Exports have been limited.

In the years 2000-2006, reforestation increased from 7 to 70km2/year.

The sandalwood is used not only for the extraction of oil, but also for carvings, temple decorations in Tibet, India and China.

Sandalwood oil is also an important fragrance in the perfume industry. Especially found in men’s perfumes. The scent of sandalwood oil has an aphrodisiac effect, this effect has even been scientifically proven. It has been discovered that an ingredient contained in it smells exactly like a male hormone, which is said to have an attractive effect.

Australian sandalwood oil has a distinctive, warm, though soothing fragrance. Just like aphrodisiac effect. Sandalwood oil is a mild, fixing additive in care oils and products for dry and impure skin.
From approx. 25 kg of wood you get 1 ltr. Oil

Sandalwood oil fits with benzooil, jasmine oil, rose oil, vetiver,incense, ylang ylang,lemon oil

Please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist before using internally or externally.

The effect on the soul: Highly relaxing, moreover, balancing. Mood-enhancing, antidepressant, sexually stimulating. Also helps: restlessness, stress nervousness and more.

The effect physically: Disinfecting, wound healing, Antispasmodic, immune system strengthening. Also helps with: skin problems, skin impurities, etc.

Main ingredients: Santen, Santalon, Santalol, Santalal, Santenon, Santalen

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Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)- Essential oil.- Sandalwood is probably the most "fake" wood scent, the Latin name should be on the bottle, as should the country of origin.

Australian Sandalwood 10 Essential Oil Neumond

12,90 "*"

2 in stock