Vetiver Bourbon Matures Essential Oil from Primavera

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Biol. Name: Vetiveria zizanoides

Origin: Mauritius

Manufacture: Distillation

Plant part: Root


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Vetiver Bourbon matured

Aged for more than 30 years, Vetiver Bourbon Matured Essential Oil exudes a captivating, deep aroma of earth, wood, tobacco and caramel. This unique fragrance rarity matured for many years. Due to the long maturation period, a particularly dark, heavy, honey-like-tough essential oil developed, which is ideal as a refined base note for own perfume creations and as a fixative.

Vetiver Bourbon matured

Vetiver Bourbon Matured Essential Oil comes from Mauritius, where it is extracted from dried roots. The roots of the rather inconspicuous Vetivergrass reach up to 3 meters into the depth and protect the landscape from soil erosion, from which its earthing effect can be derived.

Aromatherapeutic, Vetiver Bourbon has a highly centering, earthing and relaxing effect due to its high proportion of sesquiterpene compounds (45 – 50 vetiven). In stormy times there is support, serenity and self-confidence, so it can be a valuable help in times of upheaval. Women and men alike appreciate the stress-relieving effect and like to use it in sensual massage oils. Its skin-friendly, soothing and regenerating properties, it develops as a valuable base note in various skin care formulations, such as skin protection balms and facial care oils.

The scent of the essential oil Vetiver Bourbon matured mixes well with sandalwood, orange, ylang ylang extra, jasmine absolue, tonka extract and cardamom.

Cosmetic for aroma care. Max. Mix 5 drops with 50 ml almond oil* organic.

Tip 1 : Soothing cream for men

Slowly heat 25 g shea butter raw & organic in a water bath (do not heat) until it melts. Add 1 – 2 drops of Vetiver Bourbon Matured Essential Oil and 5 – 8 drops of Orange organic/demeter, stir in well. Place in the fridge to cool. After cooling, use the soft cream as a care balm for brittle, cracked skin. It stays at room temperature and kept dark for about 8 months.

Tip 2 : Beard care oil

50 ml almond oil organic
1 – 2 drops of Vetiver bourbon matured
1 – 2 drops of cedar organic
5 – 8 drops of orange bio/demeter

Mix all the oils together. The beard care oil can be used immediately, but only after about 2 weeks of storage time it fully unfolds its harmonious fragrance composition.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Vetiver Bourbon Matured Essential Oil is:

immune system-strengthening, anti-bacterial, antifungal, devulsive, helps with exhaustion & stress, pregnancy & breastfeeding, Better sleep, Women’s health, farewell / grief, scars, neurodermatitis

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Primavera life

Primavera aetcherisches oele kaufen
Vetiver bourbon matured. Vetiever know some people. But Vetiever bourbon from Primavera is unique in its effect and smell. Thirty years stored - like old whisky, it only now really unfolds its powers.

Vetiver Bourbon Matures Essential Oil from Primavera

24,90 "*"