Grapefruit organic essential oil by Farfalla

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Plant part: bowl

Production: cold pressing

Origin: Italy

Certification: ECOGRUPPO, Italy


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Grapefruit organic essential oil

The grapefruit(Citrus × paradisi), rarely also called Adam’s apple or paradise apple, is the fruit of the grapefruit tree, a citrus plant that is a subtropical tree from the rue family (Rutaceae). It is a cross between the orange(Citrus × sinensis) and grapefruit(Citrus maxima). In colloquial language (especially in northern Germany) it is therefore often referred to as grapefruit. The name grapefruit is a combination of the English words grape for grape and fruit for fruit. It refers to the vine-like shape in which the fruit grows on the tree. Other names are pumpkin orange and melon orange. The grapefruit tree grows to a height of between 4 and 6 meters. The home is the Mediterranean area, North-South America and Asia.

At 1ltr. To obtain oil you need approx. 200kg of shells

Mixes well with: lemon balm, mint, ylang-ylang, Palmarosa, Giant fir and sage.

Before using Grapefruit organic essential oil internally or externally, please consult a specialist book, doctor or aromatherapist.

In 1989, during studies on a blood pressure medication, a significant weakening of the effect of grapefruit consumption was discovered by chance and published in The Lancet at the beginning of 1991. It is now known that some grapefruit ingredients interact with certain medicines. These interactions can be serious.

It is therefore advisable to find out about possible interactions with grapefruit products while taking medication.

Physical effects: skin tightening, disinfectant, antipyretic, antispasmodic, immune system strengthening, skin metabolism stimulating, etc.

Effect mentally : Motivating, activating, gently stimulating, helps with: exhaustion, gives good mood and self-confidence to

Biochemical specification: limonene, b-myrcene, decanal

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Grapefruit Essential Oil by Farfalla

Grapefruit organic essential oil by Farfalla

10,90 "*"