Camomile Roman Switzerland Essential Oil farfalla Selection

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Quality: best quality from conv. Cultivation Chamaemelum nobile (Syn.:Anthemis nobilis)

Part of the plant: flower

Production: distillation

Origin: Switzerland

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Camomile Roman Switzerland Essential Oil farfalla Selection

There are not many essential oils from Switzerland, as cultivation, including Swiss land prices and wages, is normally somewhat exclusive. But there are also exceptions. High above Lake Geneva, two farmers have dedicated themselves to growing Roman chamomile and have been cultivating it as a specialty for almost 30 years. Our collaboration with these innovative farmers goes back just as far. It’s beautiful when the plants transform the fields into a sea of white flowers from July onwards. The flower of the camomile corresponds to the image of the sun, which is able to penetrate and release deep tensions with its golden rays. An essential oil that has relaxing, illuminating and comforting properties and is one of the best essential oils when it comes to strengthening the nervous system and finding your inner center. Can be irritating to the skin if the dose is too high.

All types of chamomile differ greatly in their composition and mode of action.

Roman chamomile(Chamaemelum nobile) is a plant species of the Asteraceae family. Like chamomile, it is used as a medicinal plant.

The species occurs in Western Europe, north to Northern Ireland. Its original distribution area includes the Azores, Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands. In Madeira, the species is a neophyte; however, it occurs in several other European countries as an invariable introduction. In Central Europe, its easternmost occurrences are in Belgium.

For the Roman chamomile, the names Chamill, Garden Chamomile (Switzerland), Härmelchen (Meissen), Kuhmelle (Franconia), Romer, Romey and Tramilbenblume are or were also used, sometimes only regionally

Roman chamomile is used in Western Europe, especially in France, Belgium and Great Britain, like true chamomile. The flower heads are used, which as a drug (Chamomillae romanae flos) must have a minimum content of essential oils. Areas of application are – again mainly in Western Europe – menstrual cramps and as a carminative for digestive problems. Also for nervousness, hysteria and general weakness. External applications (infusions) are used to rinse wounds and for inflammation in the mouth, for example

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Physical effect: Antibacterial, fungicidal, skin regenerating, etc.

Mental effect: Calming, relaxing, balancing, sexually stimulating, helps with: Stress, nervousness, sleep disorders, etc.

Biochemical specification:isobutyl angelate, isoamyl angelate, methallyl angelate

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Camomile Roman Switzerland Essential Oil farfalla Selection

26,90 "*"