Cedar wood red (virginiacedar) WS Essential oil Farfalla

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Cedar wood red (virginia cedar)

Manufacture: Steam distillation

Biological name: Juniperus virginian

Plant part: Wood

Manufacture: Steam distillation

Origin: United States


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Cedar wood red (Virginiacedar) game collection.

Juniperus virginian or Virgin Red Cedar is a species of flowering plant in the juniperus genus.Juniperus The tree is native to North America. It reaches growth heights of 15 to 25 meters and about 1 m in diameter.

The essential oil of cedar wood red (virginia cedar) is often used to stretch the real (more expensive) cedar oil. However, because of the false declaration, real cedar oil in, e.g. France, is a prescription.

The wood oil contains mainly sesquiterpene compounds, thus regulating and stabilizing on chronic processes and building on long illnesses and exhaustion states.

The fragrance is cedar-like, yet a little tartand iced and stricter.

For the fragrance lamp, the essential oil can also be mixed well with: bergamot oil, Likewise with Lavender oil, Rose oil,

For 1ltr. essential oil is required approx.33kg wood

TIP: For a refreshing, stimulating massage e.g. of the legs, mix 1 drop each of Virginia cedar, rosemary and eucalyptus oil with some jojoba or wheat germ oil.

Before internal and external use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The cedar wood red (virginiacedar) WS Essential oil shows its strengths especially in a support of the vein system such as varicose veins and weak connective tissue. It can help to eliminate lymph atomy by stimulating lymph flow and purifying or even solidifying the connective tissue. By indoning cypress oil, the effect can be increased even further. However, the essential oil is also particularly skin-friendly and is therefore used specifically as a skin care product.

Virginia cedar – Mental effect:

The essential oil of the Virginia or red cedar has an emotionalbalancing effect, stabilizes in low emotional phases, gives us confidence, takes away fears and calms down in case of nervous disorders and stress

is: wound healing, skin regenerating, disinfecting. It is also fever-lowering, blood pressure-lowering and more.

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Cedar wood red (virginiacedar) WS Ä.theric oil Farfalla,

Cedar wood red (virginiacedar) WS Essential oil Farfalla

9,90 "*"