Primavera carrot seed oil

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Biol. Name: Daucus carota

Origin: France

Part of the plant: seeds

Manufacture: Distillation

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Carrot seed oil

The ethereal Carrot seed oil is made from the seeds of the carrot ( Daucus carota ) won. The carrot ( Daucus carota subsp. sativus ), also known as carrot , carrot , Yellow syrup , Yellow turnip , Carrots , Riebli or root is a vegetable from the umbelliferae family (Apiaceae). It is the form of the carrot known only in culture ( Daucus carota ). The carrot is a biennial plant, but – except for seed production – is only cultivated as an annual. (Wikipedia)

A bit more:

The oldest evidence of the use of the carrot comes from antiquity. The Greek doctor Pedanios Dioskurides described the carrot in AD 60. as a valuable medicinal plant against ulcers, pleurisy, edema and toxic substances. In addition, it promotes menstruation and kills fruit. In addition to these medicinal purposes, the carrot was primarily used for nutrition. It is difficult to determine exactly when cultivation began in Central Europe, as the wild carrot was very common here. Overall, it is mentioned repeatedly as a useful plant in various writings from around the 9th century. Apparently the variety was already very large in the past. The German doctor and naturalist Johann Sigismund Elsholtz differentiated white, yellow, red and black carrots in a script from 1684. The orange carrot that is common today is a younger variety that originated in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

Home: Mainly in Europe, North America and Central Asia

about 65-100kg seeds 1ltr. essential Carrot seed oil

It harmonizes, among other things, with different citrus scents, juniper, geranium and lavender as well as various wood and spice scents.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The effect on the soul is : Balancing, calming, mood-enhancing, mentally strengthening, helps with stress, restlessness and more

The effect physically: Anti-inflammatory, skin-regenerating, analgesic, metabolism-boosting, hormone balance regulating and more

Ingredients: Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Geraniol **, Limonene **, Linalool **
** natural components of essential oil

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil of Primavera | Angeldar

Primavera carrot seed oil

13,90 "*"