Honeycomb 50% Absolue Essential Oil by Farfalla

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Biological name: Apis Honeycomb

Plant part: Honeycomb

Manufacture: Alcohol Extraction

Origin: Laos


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Honeycomb 50% Absolue Essential Oil

We offer honeycomb extract twice. One is the honeycomb 50% absolute essential oil from Farfalla, which comes from Laos, and the other is the honey extract from Primavera, which is produced in France.

The Honey bees ( Apis ) are a genus from the family of the real bees (Apidae). Depending on the taxonomic view, the genus comprises seven to twelve state-forming species, most of which are only native to Asia.

The western honey bee is of the greatest importance for global beekeeping; In many Asian countries, the Eastern honeybees originally found there are also kept in simple log hives or hollows in walls. These two species breed in the protection of caves and have thus been able to spread very far out of the tropical regions into more temperate climate zones, which has led to the development of different regional subspecies, particularly in the case of the western honeybee. A natural boundary for settlement is often formed by mountains or islands. ( Wikepedia)

Honeycomb 50% Absolue Essential Oil. A sweet, warm and gentle honey fragrance that children love. It spreads a peaceful, festive mood and soothes irritability, impatience and rashness. Caring and soothing for sensitive skin. Mixed in low concentrations with orange, honeycomb is a warm and soothing fragrance for children.

The upper class of the ancient Egyptians used and consumed honey. The Atlethens in Olympia knew its effect. The Germans and Celts brewed Met.

Take advantage of the powers of honey.

The effect is almost the same for both – but there are differences in fragrance. As a result, it is a matter of fragrance to decide.

From 800-850kg you get 1l essence

Please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist before using internally or externally.

If you are allergic to propolis, you must not use honeycomb extract essential oil.

The following effects are ascribed to honey:

Physical: Skin regenerating, skin care, circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory, supported by colds, etc.

Soulful: Soothing, relaxing, harmonizing. In addition, sleep disturbances, stress, restlessness, etc.

Ingredients: ethyl-oxate, ethyl palmitate, dibutyl phthalate, ethyl stearate

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Honeycomb 50% Absolue Essential Oil by Farfalla

Honeycomb 50% Absolue Essential Oil by Farfalla

21,90 "*"