Gorse Absolue 15% Primavera Essential Oil

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Gorse absolute 15% / spirit 85%

Offered. Surname: Spartium junceum

Origin: France

Extraction: Solvent extraction

Plant part: flower

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Gorse Absolue 15% essential oil

broom ( Spartium junceum) , grows as a shrub with a height of 0.5-2m. He belongs to the family ofLeguminosae Awl broom ( Spartium junceum ), also Rush broom or Spanish gorse called, is the only species of the monotypic plant genus Spartium within the legume family (Fabaceae).
This beguiling gorse absolute is obtained from the sun-yellow flowers of the gorse, which with its intoxicating abundance whisks you away to sunny gardens.

The awl broom has been planted as an ornamental shrub in Central Europe since the 16th century because of its handsome flowers, and varieties with double flowers have also been bred. In the wine-growing climate it is completely hardy, but also proves to be surprisingly hard in other areas of Germany. In the past, the species was also used as a medicinal plant and an emetic and laxative obtained from young leaves and seeds. The shoots were used to weave baskets and also for shoes. In ancient times, ropes and ropes were made from the bast fibers. (Wiki)

Mixes well with: flower oils, lime, sandalwood , mimosa , Benzoin, coriander, tolu

Use: In the fragrance lamp, nebulizer, in fine body and massage oils, in baths with scented flowers, in flowery compositions

Aroma tip
Massage oil spring bliss
5 dr. Gorse, 2 tr. Neroli, 2 drops Vanilla extract, 1 drop Bergamot
Mix with 50 ml base oil (almond or jojoba oil)

DO NOT USE INTERNAL: All parts of the awl broom are highly poisonous. Symptoms of poisoning are vomiting, kidney damage and respiratory paralysis.

Ingredients: Alcohol * Org, Spartium Junceum Flower Extract, Benzyl Alcohol **, Eugenol **, Geraniol **, Limonene **, Linalool **
* from certified organic farming
** natural components of essential oil


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Gorse Absolue 15% Primavera Essential Oil | Angeldar

Gorse Absolue 15% Primavera Essential Oil

31,90 "*"