Styrax resinoid essential oil-Maienfelser

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Liquidambar orientalis

Origin: Turkey

Plant part: Resin

Manufacture: Water vapour distillation

Quality: Wild collection


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Styrax resinoid essential oil,

The Storax trees(Styrax) are a plant genus within the Storax tree family (Styracaceae). With 120 to 150 species, it is the most species-rich genus in this family. The Styrax species occur in all areas of the family: Most species originate from East Asia, many also from tropical South America or Mexico. One species, the Storax tree(Styrax officinalis), is also found in Asia Minor, in the eastern Mediterranean region, and with another subspecies in California. Individual locations are also known from Italy.

Storax (Latin: storax; Greek: στύραξ, stúrax), often sold commercially as styrax, is a natural resin isolated from the injured bark of Liquidambar orientalis Mill. (Asia Minor) and Liquidambar styraciflua L. (Central America) .

Storax has a pleasant, floral-purple, leathery, balsamic scent. Storax and its derivatives (resin, essential oil, absolute) are used as flavorings, fragrances and in medicines (monk’s balm).

American Storax resin (Liquidambar styraciflua) is chewed like gum to freshen breath and clean teeth.[10]

In the Bible, Hosea 3:13 speaks of the Storax trees. Mnesimachus, Aristotle, Theophrastus (Historia Plantarum), Herodotus and Strabo also mention the storax tree and its balsam. In ancient Greece, storax also referred to the tip at the bottom of a spear shaft.

Pliny (Historia Naturalis) mentions the use of storax as a perfume,

Due to its thick consistency, it is supplied in bottles with a spatula.

Styrax essential oil is also known as oriental liquidambar essential oil after the botanical name of the plant.

On a physical level, Styrax has an expectorant, regenerating and strengthening effect. Emotionally it grounds, balances, warms and embraces.

In esoteric practices, it helps to immerse yourself in deep meditation. In North Africa, women burn benzoin resin and storax in clay shards for mystical reasons

Harmonious combinations: sensual flower, wood or herbal oils, herbs such as sandalwood or jasmine
Application: Aroma lamps, aroma fountains, massage oils, creams, for baths, in sensual perfumes.

Please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist before external and internal use.

Effect physically : Anti-inflammatory. wound healing, fungicidal, skin regenerating, disinfecting. Help by: Cuts, small injuries, sore throats, toothache around

Mental effect: Relaxing, harmonizing, calming, mood-lifting, helps with: Restlessness, stress, nervousness, insomnia, depression, etc.

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styrax resinoid maienfelser

Styrax resinoid essential oil-Maienfelser

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2 in stock