Sandalwood Indian organic from Primavera

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Bot.Name: Santalum album

Plant part: wood

Production: distillation

Origin: India


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Sandalwood Indian organic

The sandalwood tree belongs to the sandalwood family (Santalaceae). It reaches its best quality at around 35-60 years of age. Sandalwood Indian organic oil comes from the white wood of the sandalwood tree(Santalum album), which grows mainly in southern India. The evergreen tree grows to a height of almost 5 meters and flowers in March, April, September and October. It absorbs its nutrients from the roots of other trees, grows mainly in the wild and is therefore difficult to cultivate. There are now controlled organic plantations in the areas of origin.

The Indian government only releases limited areas for deforestation and strictly insists on reforestation. Since the tree population is very endangered worldwide and only wild growth is possible, it is one of the most valuable oils of all. The best quality is obtained from sandalwood trees that are over 30 years old. The largest supplier is India, where production and trade are under government supervision. The export was limited.

The sandalwood tree is an endangered plant that is threatened with extinction. Careful and sustainable use of these trees is therefore essential if we want to conserve the earth’s resources and harness the power of essential oils. The sandalwood trees for our organic Indian sandalwood grow on plantations in a controlled organic cultivation area. Individual branches are carefully and gently removed piece by piece and new trees are planted regularly.

Due to its comparable composition of ingredients, organic New Caledonian sandalwood can be used as a substitute. The fragrance is somewhat fresher and less warm than organic Indian sandalwood.

From approx. 25kg of wood you get 1 ltr. Oil

Sandalwood oil has always been considered a “sacred” oil in Asia and is used as ritual and tantra oil.

It is also used in traditional Ayuveda and Chinese medicine.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The effect on the soul is: Strongly relaxing, balancing, mood-enhancing, antidepressant, sexually stimulating, helps with: restlessness, stress nervousness and more.

The effect physically: Disinfectant, wound healing, antispasmodic, strengthens the immune system, helps with: skin problems, skin impurities, to

Ingredients: Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil* org
* organic / *org = certified organic cultivation
** from 100% natural essential oils

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Indian sandalwood It is considered a calming oil and also a very good choice for depressive moods. It harmonizes and balances emotions. It can also be used to deepen mediation. It is also popular as an aprodisiac in India. It is also used in yoga.

Sandalwood Indian organic from Primavera

74,90 "*"