Rose Turkey 5 Essential Oil from New Moon

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5 ml

5 in organic wine spirit

Organic: Rosa damascena

Origin: Turkey

Plant part: flower

Manufacture: Water vapour distillation


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Rose Turkey 5% Essential Oil

‘The group of Damask roses, Rosa × damascena, is a cultivar with a heavy, beguiling fragrance from Asia Minor that is classified as an old rose. It is generally assumed that Damask roses were already known in ancient times and were cultivated by the Persians. They are said to have arrived in European gardens via France with the crusaders of the 13th century.

The genus comprises between 100 and 250 species, depending on the view.

Rose oil in Turkey

Between Burdur and Isparta, an hour and a half drive north of Antalya, 5 hours southeast of Izmir in the southern Taurus Mountains, is the center of Turkish rose oil production.

More than 100 years ago, a Turkish farmer brought the Rosa damascena plants from Bulgaria to the “Turkish Lake District”. This gave the farmers, who eked out an existence there at an altitude of between 1200 m and 1800 m above sea level through meagre farming, the opportunity to earn an income for their families. To further process the highly fragrant flowers into rose oil, they formed cooperatives that took over the distillation of rose oil and the marketing of the product. The cooperatives have been operating ever since, but are under threat from the rural exodus of young people in particular.

This region is also the origin of the first organic rose oil from organically certified rose cultivation. Contracts have been concluded with individual cooperatives for the conversion to organic farming. As a result, this region has become the center of organic rose cultivation in the world.

The ingredients in the different rose oils are the same. The scent is different. The extraction of essential rose oil is very labor intensive. five-six thousand kilos of flowers =one litre of rose turkey oil

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Recommended by many experts: Rose Turkey 5% essential oil in combination with a carrier oil e.g. jojoba oil very good for baby massages.

The effect of the Rose on the soul is: Strongly mood-enhancing, relaxing, balancing, harmonizing, eroticizing, Helping with: stress, inner restlessness, fears, grief, etc.

The effect physically: antibacterial, rejuvenating, analgesic, hormone-regulating, helps with: abdominal pain, menstrual discomfort, muscle tension, etc.

INCI: Alcohol, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Citral **, Eugenol **, Geraniol **, Citronellol **, Farnesol **, Linalool **
** natural components of essential oil

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Rose Turkey 5 Essential Oil of New Moon". In rose oil lies the soul of the roses". The scent of the precious oil is typically floral and refreshing.

Rose Turkey 5 Essential Oil from New Moon

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