Linalo Berry Essential Oil by Oshadi

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Biol. Name: Bursera delpechiana

Origin: India

Plant part: Berries

Manufacture: Distillation

Scent: flowery- lemony, woody, fruity

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Linalo Berry Essential Oil

The linaloe berry is the fruit of the linaloe tree (bursera delpichiana, bursera penicillata), also known as Mexican linaloe Ocota caudita or tacamaque, from the balsam family (burseraceae), which is native to Central and South America, particularly Mexico, but is now also found in India.

Only in 2003 was it possible to develop a process for extracting these oils from the oil fruit of the tree, on the one hand to protect the tree population and on the other hand to help the Indians gain an economic foothold. Until then, the tree was considered endangered because it was cleared. Linaloe berries are the fruit of the linaloe tree, also known botanically as Bursera delpechiana. The tree is native to Central America and India. A flowery, woody essential oil is extracted from the ripe berries, the ingredients of which are similar to lavender oil.

The oil extracted from these fruits exudes a delicately floral, subtly sweet aroma with a fresh, citrusy nuance. It is used worldwide in the perfume industry. The tree’s greenish flowers develop into fleshy, dark green berries, which are harvested from July to August. India is the leader in the production of linaloe berry oil.

Children and babies are often restless in the evening. 1 drop of linalo wood with 1 drop helps lavender on the fragrance stone.

Restless people who are afraid of exams because their concentration may be disturbed can go through this Fragrance oil and remedy the situation with an aroma lamp.

The oil has been used in folk medicine for a long time and is considered very child-friendly.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

The effect on the soul is: Relaxed, activating, calming, mood-enhancing, antidepressant, helps with sleep disorders – and more

The effect physically: Antispasmodic, antiviral, fungicidal, skin regenerating, analgesic, helps with acne, blemishes, scars and ulcers, and much more

INCI: linalool, linalyl acetate, beta-caryophyllene, geranyl acetate


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Linalo Berry Essential Oil by Oshadi

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