Iris 1 % bio Ätherisches Öl von Farfalla

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1% Iris, 99% Alkohol

Bot.Name: Iris germanica

Origin: Morocco

Part: root

Manufacture: Distillation

Certification: Ecocert, France/International

Scent: violet-like, fine, radiant

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Iris 1 % bio ätherisches Öl

The iris is found all over Europe and belongs to the iris family. Angebaut wird sie aber in Marokko Südfrankreich und in der Toskana. Iris species are perennial herbaceous plants and are highly valued as ornamental plants. It becomes 30 to 100 cm tall. Iris oil is used in perfumes or body oils, less often in aromatherapy – although it has many properties. Eine absolute Kostbarkeit, die aus den mehrere Jahre lang gelagerten Wurzeln der lieblichen Schwertlilie aus Marokko gewonnen wird. Since very little essential oil can be extracted from the roots of the iris, the 100% iris essence is very valuable. Als preisgünstige Alternative führen wir diese verdünnte Variante des ätherischen Öls mit Iris 1 % bio Ätherisches Öl.

The production is very complex. After the roots have been peeled, chopped and dried, they are carefully stored for 3 years. Only then do you get the concrete through further processing and then the pure iris oil through distillation.

about 800kg – 1000kg roots = 1ltr. Oil

It was named after the Greek goddess Iris – the rainbow goddess. Hippocrates is said to have given the iris its name: Because of its splendor of colors, which reminded him of a rainbow, he gave it the name of the goddess of the rainbow.

Extracts from the root were used in ancient times to flavor tobacco and wine. The root is also said to have made teething easier for children.

TIP: Mixture to dissolve mental blockages
Ingredients: 3 drops Iris root (1% in alcohol) and 5 drops. rose
Put in the fragrance lamp or with 20ml as the case may be Jojoba oil / Use Aloa Vera as a massage oil.

Vor innerer- äußerer Anwendung von Iris 1 % bio Ätherisches Öl bitte Fachbücher, Arzt oder Aromatherapeut/in konsultieren.

Essential iris oil is used in aromatherapy primarily in the psychological area.

It affects the soul: Balancing, mood-enhancing, mentally strengthening, for nervousness, burn-out syndrome, fears. It also helps with terminal care, grief and discouragement.

Physically: Expectorant, skin regenerating, for acne, skin impurities, frontal and sinus infections. The same applies to injuries, blemishes and stress.

INCI: Alcohol, Iris Pallida Root Extract, Michelia Champaca Flower Extract



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Iris 1% from Farfalla. .

Iris 1 % bio Ätherisches Öl von Farfalla

19,90 "*"