Carrot Seed Oil Ws Essential Oil by Farfalla

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Bot.Name: Daucus carota

Origin: India

Plant part: seeds

Manufacture: Distillation

Certification: Ceres

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The carrot belongs to the family of the umbels (Apiaceae). Popular names include carrot, carrot, yellow carrot, yellow turnip and carrot. Carrot Seed Oil WS Essential Oil is produced from the crushed seeds of the carrot(Daucus carota). This can be achieved with steam distillation.

Approx. 80-100 kg yield 1 l oil.

The Wild Carrot

The carrot is one of the most important and well-known root vegetables used worldwide. The carrot is rich in nutritious and healing ingredients. It is probably originally from Afghanistan and was introduced to Europe by the Romans and Greeks and thus known. The wild form is now widespread throughout Europe, often found on calcareous soils. The roots are white and small, hard and elongated, they have a biting smell.

In France in the 16th century, wild carrots were already used as a remedy for bloating, stomach and liver problems. Or they are rubbed on ulcers in a crushed form. Since then, however, they have been known as a blood cleanser and a remedy for diseases of the liver and skin, as well as as a remedy for diseases of the lungs, allergies, inflammation of the intestine or nerve-strengthening agent.

The Carrot

The cultivated type of carrot has the orange color and the typical shape.
Probably this carrot form comes from a Dutch breed from the 17th century – but today we don’t know that exactly. The root is crisp and sweet, so no longer sharp

One of the first vegetables to be given to babies. No other vegetable has such great growth properties as the carrot.

Carrot seed oil WS Essential oil for cell renewal: Not just a saying.Blends well with, for example: rose, rose geranium, myrtle, but also with tree fragrances, for example: cedarwood

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Carrot Seed Oil WS Essential Oil :

Helps physically: liver and kidney inertia, liver cell regeneration, hepatitis, stomach and intestinal ulcers. Regeneration of skin cells, furuncles, skin rashes, eczema, neurodermatitis, purulent skin inflammation.

Soulful: Relaxing, soothing, conveying spring feelings, helping with mental fatigue

Tip: for self-mixing of toning, vitalizing facial and body care oils with fountain effect based on organic plum oils.

Skin care
In skin and massage oils, a few drops of carrot seed oil improve the skin-care effect, especially for mature, very dry skin as well as for acne and psoriasis. Since carrot seed oil does not contain carotene, there is no risk of the skin turning orange.

Fragrance lamp
A soothing mix against nervousness
Ingredients: 3 drops of carrot seed oil, 3 drops of cedar and 3 drops of pine

A spring cure
To relieve the liver during a spring cure.
This cure cleanses the blood and also helps against water accumulation (edema). Is good for the skin and regenerates all body cells.

The oil can also be used for massages or for baths. A bath additive can be produced, for example, with sea salt. Put a few drops of oil in medium-coarse sea salt, mix well and add to the bath water.

The smell, which is somewhat unattractive for some people, can be tempered with other oils, e.g. with neroli oil, palmarosa oil, but also with ylang-ylang oil or benzoic oil.
You can also add 5 drops of carrot seed oil with up to 8 drops of the above oils on 50 ml of carrier oil and perform massages with it.

Women’s complaints

During lactation, the oil promotes milk formation, at the same time very relaxing. In combination with aniseed oil and fennel oil, milk-forming massages can be carried out.
Add 2 drops each
Aniseseed oil, fennel seed oil and carrot seed oil in 50 ml carrier oil. Use this to rub your breasts – please omit the nipples!
This oil mixture can also be used against bloating in an infant.
To do this, you brush the oil clockwise over your belly – delicate and gentle please! And don’t massage, but really just paint!
This oil also helps against water accumulation in the body, it relaxes during cramps in the abdominal cavity.

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Carrot seed Essential Oil Farfalla

Carrot Seed Oil Ws Essential Oil by Farfalla

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