Birch bark birds large bread box

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Birch bark bread boxes series birds small

L. approx 31cm

Width approx 26cm

H. ca18cm

  • Unique design
  • Handmade
  • Processed without glue or the like
  • Bark regulates the humidity

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Here our bread box made of birch bark birds large – handicrafts from Siberia

The birch bark bread boxes!

The handmade birch bark bread box is an absolute must in every household! He can easily convince with many positive aspects.

Bread box made of birch bark birds large is made of 100% real birch bark. The production is without glue.

The birch bark allows the bread to last longer, like conventional wood. The rind works or regulates the moisture content inside, which means that fresh bread has a much longer shelf life. The humidity is regulated through the air holes. The essential oils given off by the birch bark regulate everything without any further influence.

What makes birch bark bread boxes so special?

  • Bark naturally contains essential oils, these have an antiseptic and antibacterial effect, thus preventing the formation of mold
  • Why are birch bark containers ideal for storing your bread?
  • Holes so that excess humidity can escape: this will keep your bread mold-free
  • Only stuck and sewn with threads made from birch bark – completely glue-free: no chemicals get on your food
  • Pure natural product, 100% made from birch bark
  • More about birch bark


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Birch bark bread boxes series birds large - handicrafts from Siberia! The best you can do for your bread etc.

Birch bark birds large bread box

85,00 "*"

Out of stock