Aroma Sauna Deep Relaxation organic Primavera

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Sauna mix


Developed by fragrance experts – recommended by the German Saunabund!


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Aroma sauna deep relaxation organic

Aroma Sauna Deep Relaxation organic Primavera

Organic sauna infusion with calming effect and balsamic, enveloping fragrance

Breathe pure nature

Extensive sauna sessions provide the ideal setting to find wonderful deep relaxation in everyday life through warmth and peace and strengthen the immune system. Our organic aroma sauna infusions immerse you in a pleasant world of fragrances. Breathe in the pure natural fragrance compositions while cozy warmth gently envelops your body.

Gently scented honey, lavender and benzoin Siam caress the senses and soul. Pleasant warmth lets your body come to rest and relax for a long time. Listen to yourself and feel how trust and serenity take up space in your body and your thoughts. Experience the calming feeling of deep relaxation and pure well-being.


  • BENZOE SIAM BIO has an enveloping effect and is a soul comforter
  • HONEY EXTRACT BIO has a balancing effect
  • LAVENDEL FEIN BIO has a calming and relaxing effect


Content: 100 ml
Application: Mix 10-25 ml of the concentrate with 1 liter of water and pour 1-2 ladles of the mixture onto the hot sauna stone.
Fragrance effect: relaxing
Ingredients: organic alcohol*, water, organic benzoin siam*, organic honey extract*, organic fine lavender*, etc.

* bio = controlled organic cultivation

Quality: organic, Saunabund, Leaping Bunny
Tip; Our aroma sauna blends develop best at a sauna temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius
In front of you: Aroma Sauna Honey Lavender

Aroma Sauna Deep Relaxation organic Primavera developed by fragrance experts – recommended by the German Sauna Association!


2-5 capsules in 1 liter of water

Mix 10 to 25 ml (approx. 2-5 cap fillings) of the concentrate with one liter of water. Then per cubic meter of sauna room

Pour 15 to 20g of this mixture onto the red-hot sauna stones. Wrap the rising steam with a towel. Deep

take a deep breath and relax.

Please note the hazard warnings on the product:
Highly flammable liquid and vapor. May cause allergic skin reactions. Toxic to aquatic organisms with

long-term effect. Must not end up in the hands of children. Away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces

keep away. Do not smoke. Wearing safety gloves. IF ON SKIN (or hair): All soiled, soaked

Take off clothing immediately. Wash skin with water/shower. Store under lock and key. Contents / container of the

Dispose of problematic waste.


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Aroma Sauna Deep Relaxation organic Primavera

Aroma Sauna Deep Relaxation organic Primavera

14,00 "*"