Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse by Farfalla

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LED lighting with color change mode

Suitable for a room size of 20m2

Filling capacity Water: 50ml

Operating time: approx. 5h

Dimensions: 156x90x70 mm

Power plug with USB cable

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Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse farfalla

Aroma Vernebler Travel Mouse farfalla uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the most modern way to stimulate mind and senses, creating an atmospheric, relaxing ambience in your home.

Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse, also called an ultrasonic diffuser, turns water into a fine mist that acts as a humidifier and ionizing. Add just a few drops of your favorite essential oil and the aroma nebulizer Neptune becomes the aroma diffuser that creates the desired atmosphere.

Stimulation for the senses …
The Travel Mouse offers multisensory stimulation by chromotherapy (therapy by light) with the built-in LED lights and aromatherapy (therapy by fragrance) with the addition of essential oils to the water.

The technology…
The Travel Mouse uses ultrasonic technology – a small ceramic disc at the bottom of the water reservoir vibrates at extremely high frequencies. These vibrations cause water and essential oils to disintegrate into microfine particles that rise into the air as cooling mist without generating heat. The scented scents produce negative ions that release them into the air to collide with air particles such as smoke or dust particles, which charge them. Once charged, these particles are attracted by other particles that eventually become heavy enough to fall to the ground, removing them from the air in your home.

Just a few drops of essential oils are added to the Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse to create a wonderfully fragrant air in your room that makes life feel better and more special. e.g. lavender to fall asleep better or Palo Santo to relax or, or—

We recommend using only distilled/demineralized water for your Travel Mouse.

Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse

If you’re looking for sleek designs that complement your modern home, the Travel Mouse is the place to be.

The Travel Mouse has a minimalist design for a modern home. Experience the pleasures of fragrance and light in a subtle colour. It offers you a combination of favorable therapies: chromotherapy (therapy by light) and aromatherapy (therapy by fragrance).

A revolution in interior design

The Travel Mouse uses state-of-the-art technology to stimulate both the mind and the senses in the most modern way and create an atmospheric, relaxing ambience in your chosen room.

Features of the Travel Mouse:

Color change LED light
Independent light and fog control
Automatic shutdown at low water level
Low energy consumption
Works without heat or flame


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Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse farfalla

Aroma Nebulizer Travel Mouse by Farfalla

30,00 "*"

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