Do it yourself organic room spray from Farfalla

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70 ml

ORGANIC ALCOHOL *. *from contr. Organic

Denatured with low-furocoumarin bergamot, for the production of organic room sprays or the dilution of essential oils.

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Do it yourself organic room spray

As with a perfume, the composition of head (e.g. citrus fragrances, herbs), heart (flowers) and base notes (wood and needle fragrances) must be as balanced as possible. Add around 20-40 drops of selected essential oils to the do-it-yourself organic room spray and spray it into the room air

Did you know: the essential oil of the stone pine, also called Swiss stone pine, clears the mind and the thoughts. The main themes of the essential oil are strength, resilience, courage and determination.


15 dropsOrange sweet organic
15 dropsSwiss stone pine (Swiss stone pine) organic wild collection
70 ml Bio room spray


Drizzle the essential oils into the organic room spray.

Close the bottle tightly and mix gently by swirling.

Warning: essential oils of mandarin, orange and blood orange, lemon and grapefruit can have a photosensitizing effect. After using these oils, do not expose yourself to the sun or UV rays for 8 to 10 hours. • With essential oils with a very strong note, it is worthwhile to dose very cautiously and to observe the fragrance harmonies – sometimes 1 drop is enough .



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Do it yourself organic room spray. The care needs of our skin, our body and our soul are as individual as our daily form

Do it yourself organic room spray from Farfalla

7,90 "*"