Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Refill – Farfalla

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100ml/refill bottle

Southern gefilde-summer smells-refreshing room scent.

the scent of lemongrass, lemon and orange make it possible.

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Citrus Garden refiller

to give living rooms a natural smell.

Refreshes and cleans the room air. Lemongrass and Litsea cubeba bring tropical freshness. Orange and lemon are reminiscent of southern areas. This is Citrus Garden.

Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Refiller 100ml

Farfalla Air Sticks-without chemistry -all natural essential oils.

The strength of the odour is regulated by the number of chopsticks.

Of course only nature.


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Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Refill - Farfalla

11,90 "*"