Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Farfalla

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Southern gefilde-summer smells-refreshing room scent.

the scent of lemongrass, lemon and orange make it possible.

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Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden

to give living rooms a natural smell.

Refreshes and cleans the room air. Lemongrass and Litsea cubeba add tropical freshness. Orange and lemon create associations with southern areas. A sunny summer fragrance that brightens the mood

Farfalla Air Sticks-without chemistry -all natural essential oils.

New design

The strength of the odour is regulated by the number of chopsticks.


Inci: alcohol, mixture of natural essential oils (bergamot*, orange*, lemon*, lemongrass*, Litsea Cubeba* etc.), water, vegetable glycerine. * from certified organic farming

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Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Farfalla

Aroma Airstick Citrus Garden Farfalla

24,90 "*"