Aroma atomizer “Profumo” – Neumond

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For a positive indoor climate

The ideal type of room fragrance and air humidification through Cold air diffusion .

For rooms up to 100sqm.

Manufacturer: Neumond

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Aroma atomizer “Profumo”

Aroma misters scent and humidify the room air by means of cold misting.

Simply add 4-5 drops (5% are recommended) essential oil to the water (about 25ml) – that’s it. Of course, you can also use fragrance mixtures.

Professional room scenting

First: The “Profumo” aroma atomizer atomizes thin essential oils, making it highly efficient in all rooms up to 100 square meters.

Second: The fine fragrances are atomized without being heated (cold air diffusion), which is therefore an optimal one Fragrance impression guaranteed.

Thirdly, the intensity can be controlled in two stages.

Fourthly, the integrated interval circuit automatically interrupts atomization every two minutes for one minute, creating a uniform and well-dosed fragrance impression.

Fifthly, after two hours of total time, the running cycle is automatically terminated.

Glass top on wooden base.

220V, height approx. 15.5cm, approx. 12cm, with discreet LED lighting.


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Aroma atomizer "Profumo" Neumond

Aroma atomizer "Profumo" - Neumond

94,50 "*"

Out of stock