Birch bark coffee pot, handicraft from Siberia

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Birch bark coffee pot

Content: approx. 750ml

Height with handle 24cm

Diameter 11cm

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Birch bark coffee pot

It takes special skills and experience to make such a coffee pot from birch bark, and the entire manufacturing process is long. It is very nice for us to know artisans who produce such unique items. And as with most works of art, the motto is: good things take time!

So be patient if you want to buy a jug. The “normal” delivery time is between one and two months. Sometimes there are one or two jugs in stock.

Something about birch bark:

Ötzi, the famous “ice mummy” lived about 5000 years ago. He was carrying two cans made of birch bark. There was charcoal in one of them. There was a birch bark insert in his shoes for insulation.

Birch bark: the first papyrus in the north! More than ten thousand documents from the 15th and 16th century – found in the RU – written on birch bark. It was also used for this by the Vikings.

Thin birch bark was and is used by the indigenous natives in America as a dressing material and has been known as a natural remedy since the Middle Ages.

The triterpenes contained in the birch bark, especially betulin, are helpful in healing wounds. They serve the plant to ward off pests and to protect against UV radiation and are bactericidal. In addition, antiviral effects have been recognized, for example against HIV. Effects against malaria and tumors have also been shown.

More about the birch and Birch bark

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Birch bark tea or coffee pot. It takes some time and patience before YOU have such a UNIQUE at home.

Birch bark coffee pot, handicraft from Siberia

150,00 "*"

5 in stock