Apricot kernel oil organic base oil from Primavera

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Biol. Name: Prunus Armeniaca
Origin: Turkey / Kenya / Pakistan
Part of the plant: kernels
Manufacture: Cold pressing
Certification: NaTrue 3 stars (organic cosmetics with 95% organic content)

For dry and sensitive skin.

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Apricot kernel oil

The apricot is a small tree with a round crown and usually reaches heights of up to 6 meters. Plant family: Rose plants (Rosaceae) The origin is disputed. According to some sources, it is Armenia, India, and China. What is certain is that apricot kernels from the Copper Age were found in Armenia. Today’s growing area is the Mediterranean, Turkey, China, India, but also Hungary and Austria. Primavera apricot kernel oil comes mainly from Turkey and Pakistan.

Apricot kernel oil

The oil, which smells slightly of marzipan, revitalizes the skin and maintains its elasticity.

Key plant & effect:

  • Supports cell renewal, stimulates the skin’s metabolism and tightens the tissue.
  • Has a calming effect on irritated skin, including after intense sunbathing.
  • Rich in oleic, linoleic and saturated fatty acids.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types. Particularly effective for sensitive, dry and rough skin.

Application: Massage into damp skin after washing.

TIP for hair care:

Due to its light texture, it has a smoothing effect, protects the ends of the hair and is ideal for dry hair without weighing it down. It also makes the hair easy to comb, something that long-haired people in particular can look forward to. Simply massage some apricot kernel oil into your hair after washing. Due to the high tolerance it is also wonderfully suitable for children’s hair, but use even more sparingly so that fine children’s hair does not look greasy.

A bit more:

Apricot kernel oil has a special extraction process that is more complex than some other oils. First, the apricots are harvested and dried. When the fruits are half dry, the inner stone is removed by hand for further drying. Once this process has been completed, the stone must now be broken open so that the almond-like core can be accessed. The actual apricot kernel oil is extracted from this, and then the apricot kernel oil (cold-pressed) is obtained by mechanical pressing

Apricot kernel oil contains an abundance of healthy and versatile ingredients.

Oleic fatty acid (omega-9 fatty acid) is a component of the oil with up to 70%. The human body cannot produce these itself, which makes them essential. Linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) can be found in apricot kernel oil with up to 25%. She is a little all-rounder. Irritated skin can calm down, contact dermatitis can be alleviated and sun-damaged skin can recover. It is also said to help reduce blackheads and reduce skin spots. It is the key in cosmetic use.

Other components are palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, tocopherol (better known as vitamin E) and sometimes traces of other B vitamins and vitamin A.

Components: Apricot Kernel Oil * organic

INCI: Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil * org * org / bio = controlled organic cultivation


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Apricot kernel oil organic base oil from Primavera

Apricot kernel oil organic base oil from Primavera

14,90 "*"