Tea tree water bio alcohol-free

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Plant water

Lat: Melaleuca alternifolia

Plant part: leaf

Manufacture: Distillation

Origin: Australia

Scent: tart, herbaceous, fresh


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Tea tree water bio alcohol-free

The tart, fresh, slightly medicinally scented tea tree water is cleansing and clarifying, organic alcohol-free for impure and youthful skin. It gives soothing care to the intimate area and feet as well as the baby’s bottom and is also recommended as a refreshing mouthwash.


Very helpful as a protective and preventive foot spray after the sauna, gym, swimming pool, etc.

Body spray for impurities: Apply the tea tree hydrosol directly to the affected area, one or two sprays are usually enough.

Fragrant hair: After shampooing, simply give 3-4 sprays into wet hair.

Please store in a cool place! Use quickly after opening! Preservation: radish root extract

The Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been known in Australian medicinal medicine for thousands of years.

Something about hydrosols:

Hydrosols , earlier too Plant water , Floral waters or Aromatic waters called, are by-products of the steam distillation of plants or their parts. [1] They arise as condensate when cooling the distillation steam and z. T. repeatedly returned to the distillation process. Hydrolates contain the water-soluble phytonutrients, traces of suspended essential oils. Hydrolates have similar effects to the corresponding essential oils, but have a milder effect and – depending on the different ingredients – can also differ slightly from the effects of the essential oils.[2]

A hydrosol is a product that is not stable and very quick germinated . For this reason, most hydrosols are included alcohol offset. But they are no longer allowed to use this for aroma medical Applications are used. A hydrosol with alcohol content can be kept for up to 16 months. A hydrosol without preservation can only be kept for a few weeks


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Tea tree water organic clarifying farfalla

Tea tree water bio alcohol-free

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