Birch bark whimsofle by Angeldar

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Birch bark whimsy

Manufacture: Russia

Material: Birch bast



Birch bark whimsy

Birch bark whimsy is antiseptic, antibacterial. Helps with circulatory disorders, pimples, cellulite, for example, the birch bark bustle helps to wonderfully soft skin.

The birch trees (Betula) form a genus of plants in the family of the birch family (Betulaceae).. Birch trees are deciduous trees they grow very fast and can reach up to 8meters after only seven years; they can grow up to 30 meters, sometimes even higher. Birches often also have several trunks. Single specimens can reach an age of up to 160 years. In summer, the birch trees are peeled in Siberia and have a new bark for winter. The basic material for various arts and utility units. The birch bark witle is made from the bast. BELONGS IN EVERY SAUNA!!

The word birch (from Old High German bircha) is due to a term in Indo-European (*bherHgo) and means as much as “shiny, shimmering” in allusion to the light bark (cf. still Middle High German is “luminous”). The term “Indo-European” is meant in such a way that the language family occurs in an area between the Germanic spread-area and India.

Already the Neanderthals were the first to produce and use a plastic made of birch bark for the permanent joining of stone wedges, plant fibres and wooden handles about 50,000 years ago.

Especially in Siberia, shoes, backpacks and other objects have been produced from it for centuries. Storage containers for flour, tea and especially bread have become known in germany in recent years. Apart from household items, also wonderful jewels are made – and much more.

The containers use the antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties of the birch bark.

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Birch bark whimsofle by Angeldar

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