Organic alcohol-free rosemary water from Farfalla

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Plant water / alcohol-free


Lat: Rosmarinus officinalis

Manufacture: Distillation

Plant part: Herb

Origin: France


Preservation: radish root extract

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Organic alcohol-free rosemary water

Hydrolat is the water that is created during the steam distillation of plants for the production of essential oils. It contains the water-soluble plant components and has similar effects to the corresponding essential oils, only milder and the aroma lighter. Ideal for situations in which a gentle aromatherapy is preferable – with rosemary water bio alcohol-free for example, especially when treating babies and children.

However, the effect of hydrolates is not weakened by their milder influence. On the contrary: The therapeutic properties have proven to be highly effective, as they contain the water-soluble components of the plant and our body consists of 60% water, which is a great advantage when our body absorbs the subtle properties. Another important factor is that the skin has a pH of around 5.5, so facial care should maintain that pH. Hydrolates (plant water) have a natural pH value of 3-6 and are therefore perfect for ensuring the skin’s balance. Organic alcohol-free rosemary water from Farfalla comes from France.


are becoming increasingly popular as an aromatic ingredient in the kitchen. New flavors are tried out. Desserts and ice cream in particular can be wonderfully flavored. Hydrolat gives tea a special note. Refine your salad or fruit salad or mix yourself a summer drink. Some cooks refine their meat sauces with hydrolates. Try it out.

Drinking E.g. to detoxify the body: One tablespoon of rosemary water bio alcohol-free in one liter of water and drink it throughout the day. Duration about 14 days. Detoxification with essential oil and / or hydrolates has been done in TMC and Ayuveda for centuries. More known to us than DETROX.

Organic alcohol-free rosemary water
Properties: energizing, clarifying, helps with: exhaustion, impure skin
Good for head massages and as a strengthening hair tonic. It invigorates the scalp and strengthens the scalp.

Tip: Rubbed into the neck area on hot days, the organic rosemary water is a wonderfully invigorating refreshment. Sprayed on preferably chilled, it also perks up tired legs again.

Store in a cool place! Use quickly after opening!

INGREDIENTS: Rosmarinus officinalisWATER *, LEUCONOSTOC / RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATE, AQUA. * certified organic / ** part of natural flower water

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Organic alcohol-free rosemary water from Farfalla | Angeldar

Organic alcohol-free rosemary water from Farfalla

8,50 "*"