Revital care Soothing facial toner – Primavera

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Revitalizing Soothing Facial Toner Rose Pomegranate

100 ml

Great subtle scent. Refreshes the skin of the face in a gentle way and is so good.

Natrue organic cosmetics, vegan, animal-free


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Revitalizing Soothing Facial Toner Rose Pomegranate

The revitalizing care series has a renewing and balancing effect on skin and soul thanks to essential rose oil. Active cell renewal through the rejuvenating composition of wild rose, pomegranate seeds and grape seed oil. The toning revital care soothing facial toner strengthens the skin and refines the complexion.

The revitalizing care series consists of nine products that are all coordinated with one another. What works best for you? Ask us about samples – or ideally – that Trial set .

Application: Spray on a cotton wool pad and rub over clean, dry skin. Can also be sprayed over makeup.

Main ingredients:
  • Organic rose water restores the moisture balance and smoothes wrinkles.
  • Pomegranate extract soothes the skin.
  • Organic green tea extract has a toning effect and refines the pores.
Rose water (Rosa damascena) is: cooling and toning
Scent: Sweet, ripe, refreshing
Orange blossom water (Citrus Aurantium Amara) is: Soothing, relaxing, refreshing, cleansing, um
Scent: Fruity, fresh, sweet
Rose geranium water (Pelargonium Graveolens Water) is: Antiseptic, astringent and soothing for inflamed and irritated skin
Scent: Flowery, fruity

Sandalwood water (santalum album Water) is: disinfectant, skin caring, anti-inflammatory, immune system strengthening, to
Scent: Balsamic, warm, woody

Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis leaf extract) is anti-inflammatory, regenerates damaged skin and has a toning effect.

rose (Rose damascena) Is: Regenerating the skin, strengthening the immune system, regulating the hormonal balance, helping with wrinkles

Scent: Rosy, flowery, heavy

Ingredients of Revital Care Soothing Facial Toner:

Organic rose water *, organic orange blossom water *, organic alcohol *, organic rose geranium water *, organic cistus water *, sandalwood water, 100% pure natural essential oils, essential oils. Organic rose oil *, organic green tea extract *, organic pomegranate peel extract *, organic grape seed extract *, organic witch hazel extract *, limonene **, linalool **

* bio = controlled organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100 natural essential oils


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Combination, Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Sophisticated skin

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Revital Care Soothing Facial Toner Rose Pomegranate - 100ml - Easy to dose thanks to the spray function! Softly refreshes the skin of the face.

Revital care Soothing facial toner - Primavera

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