Revital Care Smoothing Eye Cream Primavera

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Revitalizing Care Smoothing Eye Cream Rose Pomegranate


Reduces wrinkles after a few applications, cares very well and has a very good fragrance.

Natrue organic cosmetics, vegan, animal-free

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Revitalizing Care Smoothing Eye Cream Rose Pomegranate

The quickly absorbed, delicate cream reduces lines and wrinkles and prevents them. It gives the demanding eye area a radiant, youthful appearance.

Application: Gently pat into the outer eye contour twice a day.

In vivo clinical studies showed that after 28 days the fluid:

  • has an antioxidant effect of 29% (protection of cells against free radicals)
  • the skin moisture is increased by 29% (the hydrolipid film is strengthened, the skin can store moisture better)
  • the depth of wrinkles in the skin around the eyes is reduced by 15% (regenerative effect)

Organic rose oil promotes cell renewal. Makes the complexion shine youthfully and appear more even.

Biological Pomegranate seed oil and organic madonna lily extract protect the skin from attacks by free radicals and thus prevent damage.

BIO eyebright extract soothes irritated skin and has a soothing effect on swelling around the eyes.

Something about eyebright:

The common eyebright ( Euphrasia officinalis ) belongs to Summer root family ( OrobanchaceaeThe eyebright is native to the countries of Central Europe, Western Europe and some parts of Southern Europe. The medicinal herb popular in folk medicine often prefers agricultural areas in hill and high mountain areas with dry and rather nutrient-poor soils. . The plant is now cultivated in some gardens and used as an ornamental plant.

Eyebright, which is sometimes also called eye herb or Augustine herb in old books on medicinal plants, is a tried and tested medicinal herb. As the name suggests, eyebright has been and continues to be used for a variety of eye complaints and diseases since the Middle Ages

Something about Madonna Lily extract :

Scientific name: Lilium candidum L. The origin is uncertain. Probably the semi-deserts between Turkey and Afghanistan. Spread with the Phoenicians to Carthage and Greece, with the Romans to England and from there to Central Europe.

Rhythmic extracts of the mucus-rich onions of the Madonna lily help to retain the moisture in the skin and are a role model for loosening hardened connective tissue and keratinization.

The revital care series:

consists of nine products that are all coordinated with one another. What works best for you? Ask us about samples – or preferably the sample set.

Tip: intensive cream rose pomegranate

Ingredients of Revitalpflege Smoothing Eye Cream : Water, organic alcohol, organic almond oil, organic glycerine, organic jojoba oil, organic macadamia nut oil, organic avocado oil. Also stearic acid, polyglycerin stearate, sodium stearoyl lactate, grape seed oil * organic, pomegranate seed oil * organic, eyebright extract * organic, maltodextrin. In addition, white lily extract * organic, natural. Vit. E, 100% natural essential oils, essential. Organic rose oil *, organic shea butter *, xanthan gum, organic sunflower oil *, organic wild rose oil *. In addition, organic sea buckthorn pulp oil *, ribwort extract * organic, willow bark extract * organic, citral **, geraniol **, citronello ** oil, limonene **, linalool **
* bio = controlled organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100 natural essential oils

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Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin, Sophisticated skin

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Eye care


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Revital Care Smoothing Eye Cream Rose Pomegranate Primavera life

Revital Care Smoothing Eye Cream Primavera

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