Facial Oil Neroli Cassis – Primavera

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Facial care oil Neroli Cassis

30 ml

Neroli Cassis moisturizing cream for the face, facial care oil for the décolleté, that is pure wellness for the skin every day. Great!

Natrue organic cosmetics, vegan, animal-free

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Facial care oil Neroli Cassis

The facial care oil Neroli Cassis supplies the skin with deeply effective moisture, relaxes it and gives it a radiant, healthy complexion. Also suitable for a facial massage.
Application :
Warm the oil between the palms of the hands and then massage it into the skin of the face with small circular movements. Use as a make-up remover: Massage into the skin of the face.

For normal skin, dry skin, demanding skin,


This oil can also be used wonderfully as a beard care oil.

Main ingredients of Neroli Cassis facial care oil:

Neroli (citrus aurantium) is: nerve-strengthening, calming, balancing stress, helps with sleep disorders, is skin-regenerating and skin-caring to
Scent : Sweet, flowery, fresh, aphrodisiac

Apricot kernel l (Prunus armeniaca) is: Tissue-firming, skin-nourishing, skin-nourishing, moisture-retaining, makes cracked, dry skin shiny, soft and supple

Jojoba oil (simmondsia californica) is: skin-caring, moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory, good for sensitive skin, um

Cassis oil (Ribes Nigrum) or black currant is: very good for dry skin, the oil has the special ability to store moisture.

Sunflower oil (Helianthus Annuus) Anti-inflammatory good for all skin types, skin-regenerating to

Fig extract (Ficus Carica) prevents the dehydration and aging of the skin caused by dryness. The skin becomes smooth, looks fresh and relaxed.

Something about the fig extract:

It has a high content of vitamin B1 and valuable minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus), which it can do Stimulate skin regeneration , as well as that Increase water retention capacity . In addition, the ingredient leads to a soft skin feeling. In natural cosmetics, we encounter the fig comparatively rarely. It’s a shame, because the extract of the Ficus carica is a great ingredient that prevents the skin from drying out due to its high water-binding capacity and promotes elasticity and resilience.

Ingredients of Neroli Cassis Face Care Oil:

Organic jojoba oil *, organic almond oil *, organic apricot kernel oil *, organic currant seed oil *, organic sunflower oil *, 100% pure natural essential oils, essential oils. Neroli oil * organic, natural Vit. E, fig extract * organic, citral **, geraniol **, benzyl benzoate **, citronellol **, limonene **, linalool **

* bio = controlled organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100 natural essential oils

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Weight130 g


Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin, Sophisticated skin

Gesichtspflege Anwendung

Intensive, Nursing and Protecting


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Facial care oil Neroli Cassis - 30ml - Very economical, easy to massage in, non-greasy. MEN can also be used wonderfully as a beard care oil.

Facial Oil Neroli Cassis - Primavera

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