Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis – Primavera

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Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis

12 ml

The handling is easy and the cooling, decongestant effect is very, very pleasant! Especially in the morning, after getting up!

Natrue natural cosmetics, animal-free

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Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis

The quickly absorbed gel helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness. The cooling massage of the roll-on applicator refreshes and strengthens the eye area for an alert look. The Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis is ideal for on the go.
Application: Using the applicator, apply the gel under the eye from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. To repeat. Apply morning and evening. As needed during the day for a little refreshment.

Main ingredients of Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis:

Glycerin (also glycerol) Found in all vegetable oils and has a moisture-retaining and smoothing effect on the skin.

About Glycerine:

Glycerin in cosmetics primarily has two functions: on the one hand, it is considered a humectant, i.e. substances that hold moisture in the product itself and ensure that the gel or paste does not dry out.

Its main use is as moisture-binding (hydrating) raw material that binds the water contained and applied in the product, but also humidity and holds it on the skin. In this way, it reduces the skin’s own water loss, which can lead to dry skin conditions.

The special thing about glycerine – especially when compared to other hydrating substances – is that it t after application It penetrates the horny layer more easily and cannot be washed out so easily such as B. urea, sodium PCA or sodium lactate. In this way, it reduces the drying and irritative effects of surfactants and emulsifiers. Cleaning products such as shower gels, cleansing milk or shampoos are therefore usually added with higher amounts of glycerine.

Aloe vera oil (Aloe barbadensis in brassica napus) is: anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, moisturizing, caring for the skin, regenerating the skin, to

Neroli (citrus aurantium) is: nerve-strengthening, calming, balancing stress, helps with sleep disorders, is skin-regenerating and skin-caring to
Scent: Sweet, flowery, fresh, aphrodisiac

Cassis water (Ribes Nigrum) or black currant is: very good for dry skin, it retains moisture

Mate extract ( Ilex paraguariensis) Wonderful for skin irritation, to

Licorice extract ( Glycyrrhiza glabra ) Is good for uneven complexions and skin irritations

ingredients from Cooling Eyes Roll-On Neroli Cassis:

Water, organic cassis water *, glycerine, alcohol * organic, zinc salt, sodium lactate, mate tea extract * organic, butcher’s broom extract, eyebright extract * organic, licorice root extract * organic, tiger grass extract * organic, camomile extract * organic, aloe vera extract * organic, cranberry juice * organic, 100% natural essential oils, essential oils Neroli oil * organic, xanthan, citral **, limonene **, linalool **

* bio = controlled organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100 natural essential oils

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Combination, Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Sophisticated skin

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Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis - 12ml - The handling is easy and the cooling effect is very, very pleasant! Just after getting up!

Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis - Primavera

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