Cleansing Milk Neroli Cassis – Primavera

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Neroli Cassis Cleansing Milk

100 ml

Very good cleansing milk that I don’t want to be without anymore!
The skin does not dry out, but feels very soft and smooth!

Natrue natural cosmetics with organic content, animal-free

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Neroli Cassis Cleansing Milk

The creamy, fresh Neroli Cassis Cleansing Milk gently cleanses without drying out. The skin feels supple and healthy.

For normal skin, dry skin,


Massage into damp skin, avoiding the mouth and eye area. Rinse off with warm water.

Tip for men: Cleans the skin very pleasantly before wet shaving and does not additionally dry it out.

Main ingredients:

Jojoba oil bio (simmondsia californica) is: skin-caring, moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory, good for sensitive skin, um

Almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) is: skin-regenerating, good for irritated, inflamed skin, soothing and soothing the skin.

Sunflower oil (Helianthus Annuus) Anti-inflammatory good for all skin types, skin-regenerating to

Currant seeds l (Ribes Nigrum) is: very good for dry skin, the oil has the special ability to store moisture.

A little more, because relatively unknown: The high-quality oil is produced by pressing the seeds of the currant. It is yellow in color and has a fruity-tart smell. Lower quality currant oil can be recognized by its changed, deep green color. The mild and well-tolerated oil can be used in a wide variety of ways: the polyunsaturated fatty acids protect and regenerate cells and especially help to care for dry and mature skin. Oily and blemished skin is improved by the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the oil. This currant seed oil unfolds its comprehensive effect with its low oxidative stability, best in combination with jojoba. Generally, oils rich in oleic acid are particularly recommended for the mixture. Care should be taken to ensure that no more than 15% of the currant seed oil is used in the oil blend. In creams and lotions, a proportion of the total amount of about 1 to 5% is assumed.

Fig extract (Ficus Carica) prevents the dehydration and aging of the skin caused by dryness. The skin becomes smooth, looks fresh and relaxed.

Nerol i (citrus aurantium) is: nerve-strengthening, calming, balancing stress, helps with sleep disorders, is skin-regenerating and caring for the skin
Scent : Sweet, flowery, fresh, aphrodisiac

Ingredients of Neroli Cassis Cleansing Milk

Water, organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil, polyglycerine laurate, willow bark extract, organic sunflower oil, organic glycerine stearate, organic cassis water, sodium citrate, milk emulsifier from organic milk, xanthan gum, guar gum, magnesium stearate, natural. Vit. E, levulinic acid, cranberry juice * organic, 100% pure natural essential oils, essential oils. Neroli oil * organic, silver sulfate, currant seed oil * organic, fig extract * organic, alcohol * organic, ribwort extract * organic, willow bark extract * organic, citral **, limonene **, linalool **

* bio = controlled organic cultivation
** natural ingredients 100 natural essential oils

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Combination, Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Sophisticated skin

Gesichtspflege Anwendung

Cleanse and exfoliate


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Neroli Cassis Cleansing Milk - 100ml - Makes beautiful, soft skin and is ideal for skin that dries out quickly and sensitive skin.

Cleansing Milk Neroli Cassis - Primavera

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