Melissa water organic non-alcoholic Farfalla

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Plant water, alcohol-free

75 ml

Lat: Melissa officinalis

Plant part: Herb

Manufacture: Distillation

Origin : France


Preservation : radish root extract

The scent is: : fresh, slightly grassy, lemony.

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Melissa water bio alcohol-free

The organic alcohol-free lemon balm water is very mild and belongs to the plant waters that are sprayed on the skin on their own. Lemon balm is one of the best plants for treating herpes. The antiviral power of lemon balm has been scientifically documented. The lemon balm water can be sprayed on or processed as a gel applied to the affected skin areas. In the case of shingles, the antiviral, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory power of lemon balm can bring relief and healing and can be used as an accompanying therapeutic measure.

Herpes, a viral disease, often appears in times of stress and nervous stress. Ideal for the use of lemon balm water, as this is antiviral and at the same time calms and relaxes. To avoid infection, for example in times of flu, you can use the lemon balm water as a room or fragrance spray for the body. In the case of colds or viral infections, the water is taken in addition, 2-3 times 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water, for 1-2 weeks. The lemon balm helps to rebuild the immune system and also helps to regain strength after illness. For this, take the plant water as a cure for 1 week, 1-2 teaspoons daily. Melissa water has anti-inflammatory properties and is used in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Melissa water bio alcohol-free

is very suitable for baby care. It is used to treat sore, inflamed areas of the skin and to prevent and treat diaper fungus. Melissa water is also recommended for treating boils. The lemon balm water is sprayed on insect bites, especially if they are infected. The inflammation subsides and so does the itching. For colds, sinus infections, dry and inflamed nasal mucosa, lemon balm water is used in the form of inhalations or as a mild nasal spray.

If you are sensitive to the weather, headache, tension, motion sickness, the lemon balm water provides refreshing relief, as a spray or arm bath with lemon balm additive. Melissa water calms the nervous stomach and intestines. In acute cases, take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water, even for 2-3 weeks as a cure. It was known even earlier that lemon balm can strengthen memory. Today it is scientifically proven. For mental fitness you can take lemon balm water every day for 2 weeks as a cure every 2 months. In situations that require special concentration, the fragrance can be helpful. Used as a room or body environment spray, it refreshes the mind and increases and extends the ability to concentrate and strengthens the ability to think.

The lemon balm water is so mild that it can be sprayed pure on the often thin senior skin, on the skin damaged by medication, radiation or skin diseases.
From the book by Susanne Fischer Rizzi: The Great Book of Plant Waters,

· Tip: Spray on every hour for cold sores or use as a compress.

Please store in a cool place! Use quickly after opening!


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Alcohol-free lemon balm water from Farfalla | Angeldar

Melissa water organic non-alcoholic Farfalla

8,50 "*"