Tete a Tete-Tee Service at Angeldar

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Tete a Tete Tea Service

1. A teapot approx. 400ml

2. Two cups approx. 200ml

3. A matching tray


The name: Tete a Tete-Tee Service ! Because the service is perfect for two people! Not too big and not too small! For a wonderful time.

The birch – the sacred tree of Poland, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia as well as the natives of North America. Everyone knew how to use the birch bark, for example for canoeing, jewellery, and also as a bread box or storage box, because of its antiseptic effect. As letters/documents, etc. The name Tete a Tete-Tee Service comes from Us.

Birch bark has been used for at least 50,000 years, e.g. The Neanderthals made it the world’s first plastic adhesive. Just like clothes, jewellery and household utensils. Or today, an ingredient is produced against HIV or cancer. This is due to the BITOLIN in the birch bark.

Tete a Tete Tea Service

Young designers revive this old hand-throwing tradition. With shapes and design. But quality cannot produce a machine. For this you need the traditional knowledge/skills that our partners have for generations!!

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Tete a Tete-Tee Service at Angeldar

85,00 "*"

Out of stock