Coconut organic care oil Pampering time from Farfalla

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Lat: Cocos Nucifera

Part of the plant: pulp

Manufacture: Cold pressing

Origin: Sri Lanka

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Coconut organic care oil Pampering time

The Coconut palm or coconut palm ( Cocos nucifera ) is a tropical palm tree. The height is 20-25 m. It bears fruit / nuts all year round. Already cultivated 3000-4000 years ago in the Philippines, the large and small Sunda Islands, the coconut palm is now native everywhere in the tropics. Requirement -Average temperature at least 27 °. The coconut oil is obtained from the dried pulp. Farfalla gets the coconut oil organic from Sri Lanka.

In Ayurveda, organic coconut oil traditionally also cares for the hair – from the scalp to the brittle tips. Since the organic coconut oil is not refined and deodorized, it has the typical coconut scent. It solidifies at room temperature and then has to be briefly warmed in a water bath. It mixes very well with organic jojoba oil.

The coconut palm is deeply rooted in the cultures and traditions of many tropical countries. It is arguably the most famous plant in the world, and certainly one of the most useful. From India, where it is considered sacred, to the Philippines, where it is known as the “Tree of Life”, from the Caribbean to the African coasts, the coconut palm is valued for its versatility. It is used for food, housing, medicine and cosmetics. Roofs, mats or fans can be made from their fronds. Barrels are carved from their sturdy, salt-resistant wood, but small boats, houses and furniture are also built. Coconut oil is medically and cosmetically known for its high content of saturated fatty acids and its protein content, its cleansing and antiallergenic properties.

Coconut oil org:

Externally: gives a firm skin tone, prevents the formation of age spots and wrinkles, removes head lice, excellent massage oil and sunscreen, etc.

Inwardly : Provides immediate energy, is not stored as body fat, stabilizes blood sugar and the formation of insulin

Application tips:

Apply sparingly to the slightly damp skin and massage in gently.

Forest and meadow oil for children from 1 year: slightly warm 30ml coconut oil and add 3 drops Atlas cedar Mix. Fill into a crucible as it solidifies at cooler temperatures. Before playing in nature, apply it to legs, neck and uncovered areas of skin.

Ayurvedic hair oil: For shiny and soft hair, mix 1 tbsp coconut oil with 1-2 drops of lemon oil for a fresh fragrance, spread into the ends of the hair and on the hair, wrap in a terry towel, 20-30 min. or leave it on overnight. Rinse well.

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Coconut organic care oil Pampering time from Farfalla

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