Sauna mix: mandarin myrtle

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Sauna mix: mandarin myrtle

Recommended by fragrance experts from the German Saunabund!

Effect: invigorating

Scent: fresh, spicy

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Sauna mix: mandarin myrtle

This combination of scents enhances the beneficial effect of the sauna with an invigorating herbal aroma. Has an uplifting and balancing effect. With organic alcohol.Main components of Sauna mix: mandarin myrtle :

tangerine (Citrus reticulata) is: relaxing, balancing, mood-enhancing Scent: Fresh, fruity, sweet.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is: Relaxing, slightly refreshing, strengthens the nervous system, mentally stimulating, promotes concentration. Scent: Citrus-like, fresh, cool

myrtle (Myrtus communis) is: Refreshing, activating, stimulating, invigorating
Scent: Fresh,

Ingredients of sauna mix: mandarin myrtle:

Alcohol * bio, water, lemongrass * bio, myrtle Turkish * bio, mandarine * bio, etc.

2-5 capsules in 1 liter of water

Mix 10 to 25 ml (approx. 2-5 cap fillings) of the concentrate with one liter of water. Then 15 to 20g per cubic meter of sauna room

Pour this mixture onto the red-hot sauna stones. Wrap the rising steam with a towel. Deep

take a deep breath and relax.

Here’s the experience of a friend: Very strong and persistent. A wonderful combination. I use two caps with 1.5l for a sauna session with infusion and it stays very long and pleasant even after the sauna in the room. Wonderful combination

Please note the hazard warnings on the product:
Highly flammable liquid and vapor. May cause allergic skin reactions. Toxic to aquatic organisms with

long-term effect. Must not end up in the hands of children. Away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces

keep away. Do not smoke. Wearing safety gloves. IF ON SKIN (or hair): All soiled, soaked

Take off clothing immediately. Wash skin with water/shower. Store under lock and key. Contents / container of the

Dispose of problematic waste.


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Sauna mix: Mandarin myrtle from Primavera

Sauna mix: mandarin myrtle

14,00 "*"

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