Peppermint water bio 100 ml

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100 ml

Plant water / bio

Lat: Mentha Piperita

Plant part: herb


Manufacture: distillation

Herk: France

Scent: fresh, minty

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Peppermint water bio

The peppermint gives a cooling freshness and invigorates the senses with its minty-clear scent. The real organic peppermint water smells less intensely of peppermint than the essential oil. Nevertheless, the aromatic hydrosol has a cooling, refreshing and clarifying effect. The refreshing plant water refreshes heavy, tired legs, relieves mild headaches and helps with nausea.

Peppermint was voted Medicinal Plant of the Year 2004.

Hydrolates or plant water are obtained from the distillation of essential oils and consequently contain traces of the essential oils, which in our case all come from controlled organic cultivation

Peppermint water helps with: listlessness, poor concentration, light headaches, tired legs, blemished skin.

Also good for muscles and joints, for colds, exhaustion and stress, as a first aid kit and travel kit

Application: Spray onto the skin for face and body care. Can be used over makeup. Also suitable for wraps and compresses.

Tip: For an extra kick of freshness, store in the refrigerator and use as a body spray.

Important note: A hydrosol is a product that is not stable and very fast germinated . For this reason, most hydrosols are included alcohol offset. But they are no longer allowed to use this for aroma medical Applications are used. A hydrosol with alcohol content can be kept for up to 16 months. A hydrosol without preservatives can only be kept for a few weeks

Ingredients: organic peppermint water, organic alcohol

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Peppermint water bio 100 ml

10,90 "*"