Organic lavender water 100 ml from primavera

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100 ml

Plant water

Plant part: herb

Origin: Italy / France

Manuf. distillation

Lat: Lavandula Angustifolia

Scent: floral

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Lavender water bio

The herbaceous-lovely organic lavender water cares for the skin, it has a calming and balancing effect on itching and skin irritations. The aromatic plant water can be used wonderfully as a direct body spray or for a compress to alleviate light sunburn. The soothing hydrolate also helps to reduce swelling of insect bites and is suitable for the care of blemished, oily skin or for acne. Lavender water is also ideal as a soothing aftershave.

It helps with: light sunburn, it supports the decongestion of insect bites, blemished skin, acne, um

It is: soothing and balancing for itching and skin irritations.

After-sun care: Spray sun-kissed skin with organic lavender water * and massage in organic aloe vera oil *. The oil is mixed 1: 1 directly into the spray bottle of the water. Shake vigorously before use to create a nourishing spontaneous emulsion that can be sprayed directly onto the skin.

Aftershave: Up to 5 drops sandalwood Bio * and 2 drops bio * cedar in 100 ml bio lavender water *. Shake well before use, spray onto skin after shaving.

Surprised by the scent of the organic lavender water?

The connection to the essential oil of lavender is not immediately apparent in the smell of the hydrosol, as the water-soluble, fragrance-giving ingredients in lavender water differ from the fat-soluble, fragrance-giving ingredients of the essential oil. Therefore, real organic lavender water sometimes smells more like hay or herbaceous-lovely and not so strongly like lavender.

TIP | If the scent is too herbaceous for you, you can simply add 3 – 5 drops of essential oil. The essential oils lavender fine organic or a fresh citrus or tree oil are ideal for this. Shake well before each use.

Important note: A hydrolate is a product that is not stable and germs very quickly. For this reason, most hydrosols are included alcohol offset. But they are no longer allowed to use this for aroma medical Applications are used. A hydrosol with alcohol content can be kept for up to 16 months. A hydrosol without alcohol can only be kept for a few weeks

Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Water * org, Alcohol * org
* organic / *org = certified organic cultivation

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Organic lavender water from Primavera.

Organic lavender water 100 ml from primavera

10,90 "*"