Immortelle water bio from Primavera

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Plant water, bio

Lat: Helichrysum Italicum

Plant part: herb

Manufacture: Destilation

Origin: France

Scent: warm, spicy


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Immortelle water bio

The Immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum) too Italian everlasting flower At home in southern Europe, the warm, spicy Immortelle water is used as a quick first aid spray for bruises, light bruises and sore muscles. The decongestant and soothing effect of the refreshing plant water can be felt immediately. The so-called hydrolate has a relaxing, uplifting and strengthening effect. It regenerates, soothes and cares for particularly stressed skin. It is also popular as a care product for mature skin.

The immortelle water bio is a “first aid water”. It helps with: bruises, bruises,

It works: relaxing, uplifting and strengthening, regenerates, soothes and cares for particularly stressed and mature skin.

Tip: St. John’s wort oil 1: 1 directly into the spray bottle of the water. Shake vigorously before use to create a nourishing spontaneous emulsion that can be sprayed directly onto the skin.

Another tip from a user: Facial tonic that is finely atomized and soothes and relaxes the skin. The immortelle water accompanies me every time I visit the sauna, as it soothes the skin after the sauna bath and quickly makes redness disappear. The earthy scent is unusual for a facial toner, but it doesn’t always have to be citrus.

Important note: A hydrosol is a product that is not stable and germs very quickly. For this reason, most hydrosols are included alcohol offset. But they are no longer allowed to use this for aroma medical Applications are used. A hydrosol with alcohol content can be kept for up to 16 months. A hydrosol without preservatives can only be kept for a few weeks


Helichrysum Italicum Flower Water * org, Alcohol * org
* org / bio = controlled organic cultivation

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Immortelle water bio. Primavera life 1

Immortelle water bio from Primavera

10,50 "*"