Gemstone oil security – Farfalla

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Gemstone oil security

80 ml

Organic jojoba oil with the energy of gemstones

Wonderful massage oil-promotes creativity


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Gemstone oil security

Wonderful oil – promotes balance and creativity, leads to your own center. A nice oil also for massaging children. To support the effect, each bottle contains a small serpentine.

TIP for gemstone oil security:

Daily caresses: body oil

For body care, apply to moist skin after showering. Is wonderfully absorbed and leaves a delicate scent on the skin.

Velvety caress: facial oil

Balancing for a wide variety of skin types. Is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a velvety, cared-for feeling.

Warm relaxation: bath oil

Especially effective in warm water. 2 tablespoons of oil per bath is sufficient. There is no need to oil after bathing, the skin is soft and velvety. Many substances are excreted / absorbed through the soles of the feet, which is why it is also highly recommended as a foot bath.

Loving touch: massage oil

Gemstone oils can be used like any massage oil. You will find many practical applications for the daily use of gemstone oils in the book “Wellness Stones” by Monika Grundmann.

Ingredients of Gemstone Oil Security:

Agate: Helps to find inner balance and stability, to convert negative energies, it also promotes self-acceptance,
Colour: White, black, blue, multicolored

Nephrite: Helps, for example, to keep one’s own identity, relieves tension and worries, gives inner peace and balance
Color: G rün

Serpentine: Gives inner peace, keeps outside influences at bay, also helps with mood swings and stress, helps to see one’s own desires for real
Colour: green

Benzoin Siam (Styrax tonkinensis) is: Relaxing, harmonizing, calming, regenerating the skin, good for stress, restlessness etc.
Scent: Warm, sweet, vanilla,

orange (Citrus sinensis) Organic is: mood-enhancing, balancing, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the skin, helps with restlessness and stress
Scent: Fruity, fresh, warm, sweet

sandalwood (Santalum album) is: Inspirational, balancing, warming, um Scent: Woody, warm, balsamic.

Vannile extract (Vanilla planefolia) is: exhilarating, relaxing, calming, balancing, also aphrodisiac,
Scent : Balsamic, soft, warm, sweet.


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Gemstone Oil Security - 80ml - Strengthens self-confidence and conveys protection and security. Promotes balance and creativity.

Gemstone oil security - Farfalla

17,90 "*"