Gemstone Oil Regeneration – Farfalla

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Gemstone oil regeneration

80 ml

Massage oil with the energy of precious stones and essential oils

Supports regeneration and performance


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Gemstone oil regeneration

Gemstones : Epidote, ocean chalcedony, zoisite with ruby
Essential oils : Organic Ravintsara, organic myrtle, Litsea cubeba organic

This oil brings the energy necessary to get back on your feet. It strengthens regeneration and makes you productive. Can be used to overcome crises and joyfully master life. To support the effect, each bottle contains a small epidote.

Gem Oil Regeneration Uses:

Body oil: apply to damp skin after showering. Is wonderfully absorbed and leaves a delicate scent on the skin.

As massage oil: Gemstone oils can be used like any massage oil.

As a face oil: Balancing for a wide variety of skin types. Is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a velvety, cared-for feeling.

as bath oil: 2 tablespoons of oil per bath are sufficient. There is no need to oil after bathing, the skin is soft and velvety. Many substances are excreted / absorbed through the soles of the feet, which is why it is also highly recommended as a foot bath.

Ingredients of Gem Oil Regeneration:

Ruby zoisite: Helps with aggressiveness, dejection, makes reality clearly recognizable, promotes creativity and protects against careless actions. In addition, it can increase sexual sensitivity to
colour : Green, red, multicolored

Ocean Chalcedony: Helps to resolve conflicts and increases resilience. It gives serenity, makes you feel confident and ensures a good night’s sleep.
Colour: White, brown, green multicolored

Epidote: Makes mental recovery possible, drives away grief and self-pity, protects against loneliness and helps to achieve ideas and goals
Colour: green, yellow, brown, black

Litsea (Litsea cubeba) is: Relaxing, calming on the central nervous system, is stimulating, relieving, helps with: Stress, restlessness, nervousness, um
Scent: Fresh, bright, citrus-like

myrtle (Myrtus communis) is: Refreshing, activating, stimulating, invigorating
Scent: Fresh, fresh

Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora) is: Antibacterial, strong expectorant, strengthens the immune system, strengthens nerves, balancing, building, invigorating and stimulating
Scent: woody, fresh


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Gemstone Oil Regeneration - 80ml - The scent is very fresh and also popular with men. Very good as a face - body - massage and bath oil.

Gemstone Oil Regeneration - Farfalla

17,90 "*"