Gemstone Oil Fountain of Youth – Farfalla

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Gemstone oil fountain of youth

80 ml

Valuable massage oil for the whole body

Organic jojoba oil with the energy of gemstones.

Edelstein-Balance ®

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Gemstone oil fountain of youth

Valuable massage oil for the whole body

You feel good in your skin

Supports cleaning processes and helps to get rid of frustration, worries and negative attitudes. You feel vital and comfortable in your skin again. To support the effect, each bottle contains a small fluorite.

Gemstone Oil Fountain of Youth as:

Body oil: apply to damp skin after showering. Is wonderfully absorbed and leaves a delicate scent on the skin.

Massage oil: Gemstone oils can be used like any massage oil.

Face oil: Balancing all kinds of skin types. Is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a velvety, cared-for feeling.

Bath oil: 2 tablespoons of oil per bath is sufficient. There is no need to oil after bathing, the skin is soft and velvety. Many substances are excreted / absorbed through the soles of the feet, which is why it is also highly recommended as a foot bath.

Ingredients of Gemstone Oil Fountain of Youth:

Jojoba oil bio (simmondsia californica) is: skin-caring, moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory, good for sensitive skin

Fennel-bio (Foeniculum vulgaredulce) is: Pain reliever, antispasmodic, digestive, relaxing, balancing, calming, helps with stress, restlessness, fears and nervousness, and much more
Scent: Tart, sweet, anise-like

Juniper berry (Juniperuscommunis) is: Circulatory stimulating, relaxing, antibacterial, room scent cleaning, stimulating, activating, invigorating and refreshing
Scent: Fresh, woody, fruity

Lemon( Citrus limon) organic is: Vitalizing, refreshing, concentration-enhancing, energizing, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the appetite, to
Scent: Clear, fresh, tangy

Peridot : Dissolves anger, pain and remorse, transforms negative feelings – envy, heartlessness – allows you to recognize your own mistakes
Colour: Green yellow

Fluorite green: Helps with concentration and learning difficulties, brings suppressed feelings to light, relieves fears and gives life new perspectives
Colour: green

Chrysoprase: Gives peace, trust, security, opens up new ways of thinking, helps with grief and jealousy
Colour: green


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Gemstone Oil Fountain of Youth - 80ml - A body, massage and face oil of the extra class. Also a wonderful relaxation as a bath oil.

Gemstone Oil Fountain of Youth - Farfalla

17,90 "*"