Mask spray to relax bio new moon

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100% natural essential oils in pure organic wine spirit

for scenting rooms and textiles,

from controlled organic production,

certified by ABCert

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Mask spray for relaxing bio

Antiviral Spray -Mask Spray for relaxing bio not only protects against viruses and bacteria, but also helps to stay calm in all stressful situations.

As you know, the main function of essential oils in nature is to protect plants from disease and pests. This quality actively helps a person. All components of the antiviral relaxation spray increase the body’s resistance to disease and the endurance of the nervous system. The inconspicuous herbal citrus aroma makes it particularly pleasant to use.

Essential oils

Lavender is known to be soothing and relaxing. But the amazing properties of lavender don’t end there. The essential oil of this amazing plant has powerful antiviral and antibacterial effects, it also promotes tissue regeneration, prevents scarring, in many cases relieves pain, and has a beneficial effect on almost all organs and systems in the body. Protects against fatigue and increases mental alertness.

The orange seems completely commonplace. Nevertheless, this amazing fragrance brings a light of hope and satisfaction into our lives. It relieves stress and shows the beauty of existence. It charges our nervous and immune systems with the bright power of joy.

Lavandin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties due to its high camphor content. It actively inhibits many pathogens and is widely used for respiratory diseases. It is often used as an antidepressant.

Spruce – its extracts and essential oils have long been successful in many diseases. Everything related to the respiratory system is restored with the help of pine needles. The needles contain more trace elements than any other plant in an easily accessible form for the body. Powerful adaptogen and psychostimulant. Calms the nervous system, relieves nervous excitement, improves mood.

Sandalwood is beautiful and unique. In addition to having a powerful disinfectant effect, it can clear clogged phenomena in the respiratory tract. Due to the ability to induce a deep, calm state, healing mechanisms are activated in the body. Restores strength in long-term illnesses, restores youth.


To scent the face mask, spray the outside of the mask from a distance of approx. 15–20 cm with a pump of the mask spray. Let the spray dry briefly before putting on the mask.

To scent pillows, apply 2-3 sprays to a cotton or linen pillow.
Please store cool and protected from light.
Keep away from children. Do not get on eyes and mucous membranes

Main ingredients: lavender, sweet orange, lavandin, spruce needle, sandalwood, etc. 100% pure natural essential oils.



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Mask spray to relax bio new moon

Mask spray to relax bio new moon

6,90 "*"