Mask spray for refreshing organic new moon

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100% natural essential oils in pure organic wine spirit

for scenting rooms and textiles,

from controlled organic production,

certified by ABCert.

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Mask spray for refreshing organic new moon

Antiviral spray for freshening up. Bio-effective and pleasant agent against viruses and bacteria. The main function of essential oils in nature is to protect plants from disease and pests. This property helps a person with the mask spray for freshening bio

Essential oils

Lemon has the highest antiviral and antibacterial activity. It fills the body with solar energy, which in turn activates vitality and helps cope with attacks on the body. It is also effective against active psychological stress and the need for high concentration. The bonus improves the mood.

Grapefruit is another citrus suntan oil that provides the body with energy and exercise. As an activator of the lymphatic drainage system, it is often used in products for weight loss and to combat cellulite. Together with lemon, they have the highest ability to detoxify, which is also useful for any infectious disease. Promotes clarity of thought and improves mood.

Lemongrass – Despite having a similar lemon smell , lemongrass has a slightly different effect. The oil synergistically supports the effects of lemon and grapefruit, softens their expressiveness and smoothes them a little

All of them work together as a light, energetic composition that supports vital activity on a busy day and protects against pathogens.


To scent the face mask, spray the outside of the mask from a distance of approx. 15–20 cm with a pump of the mask spray. Let the spray dry briefly before putting on the mask.

As a textile spray: Spray on scarf, handkerchief, office chair upholstery, aroma bag for the cloakroom

Main ingredients: lemon, grapefruit, lemongrass, etc. 100% pure natural essential oils.

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Mask spray for refreshing organic new moon

Mask spray for refreshing organic new moon

6,90 "*"