Breathwell nose free stick organic Primavera

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Breathwell nose free stick bio


Small and fine! Free breathing is always possible!

Ideal for on the go.

Soothing and liberating in the cold season.


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Breathwell nose free stick bio

100% all-natural essential oils from eucalyptus, spruce needles and peppermint stimulate deep breaths, liberate and strengthen. In the practical nose free stick, the fine fragrance can be taken anywhere and is immediately ready for use at any time. With a deep breath, while the stick is held directly under your nose, the essential oils get into the airways and the liberating effect can be felt immediately. Body, mind and soul are refreshed and strengthened.

The essential oils are in the sealed pouch Breathwell nose free stick bio Protected from environmental influences, cannot escape and you will always receive a fresh product with at least 12-week fragrance effect.

Since the Breathwell nose free stick bio Especially in the cold season, when there is generally a high level of germs, we have made a conscious decision against refillable product packaging for reasons of hygiene.

Main components of Breathwell nose free stick bio:

  • EUKALYPTUS GLOBULUS BIO encourages deep breathing and strengthens
  • PEPPERMINT BIO invigorates and refreshes body, mind and soul

Application: Open the stick by twisting it, hold it directly under your nose and take a deep breath. Use several times a day as needed. Feel the liberating power of 100% pure natural essential oils.

Ingredients of

Eucalyptus globulus * organic, peppermint * organic, spruce needles * organic, including 100% pure natural essential oils

Important NOTE: Highly flammable liquid and vapor. May cause allergic skin reactions. Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effect. Must not end up in the hands of children. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flame/hot surfaces. Do not smoke. Wearing safety gloves. WHEN CONTACT WITH THE HAUT (or hair): Take off all soiled, soaked garments immediately. Wash skin with water/shower. Store under lock and key. Content / container to the problem waste disposal.


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breathe easy nose free stik primavera

Breathwell nose free stick organic Primavera

7,90 "*"