Yuzu Japanese Lemon Essential Oil

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Yuzu Japanese lemon


Bot.Name:Citrus junos

Plant part: bowl

Manufacture: Cold pressing

Origin: Japan

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Yuzu Japanese Lemon Essential Oil

The yuzu Japanese lemon (Japanese pronunciation of Chinese柚子, pinyin yòuzi ; scientific name Citrus × junos ) is a hybridogenic species of the rutaceae family ; the yuzu has likely been grown in the central Yangtze basin in China for thousands of years. It is a cross: Citrus × junos = Citrus ichangensis × Citrus reticulata var. Austera .

Yuzu Japanese lemon

The yuzu lemon grows wild on a small tree in Tibet, Korea and Japan, where it was cultivated. With their yellow-gold color, the yuzu lemons resemble small oranges or tangerines and have a hilly, bumpy surface. As with all citrus fruits, the peel oil is extracted using a cold pressing process. The scent is gigantic. I have seldom smelled such an extraordinary citrus oil. When I sniffed the oil, fantastic scent images came up that cannot be described with banal words. The fragrance has a pronounced deep, exquisite citrus note, which is underlaid with floral notes and many other extraordinary nuances.
Unfortunately, the oil of the yuzu lemon is disproportionately expensive for a citrus oil. The price had also increased by a third over the past year. I haven’t been able to figure out why the oil is in such a high price category. This was one of the reasons why I resisted including it in our program for a long time. But when I recently put a little pattern on my nose again, this fascinating citrus scent flowed through me and I was completely blown away again. Therefore, even if the price is almost reminiscent of a rose oil, – new in the range.

Ingredients: Citrus junos peel oil.
– Limonene, Citral (natural ingredients of the essential oil)



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Yuzu Japanese Lemon-The fragrance has a pronounced deep citrus note, and many other extraordinary nuances are underlaid.

Yuzu Japanese Lemon Essential Oil

21,90 "*"