Ylang Ylang extra superior organic essential oil from Primavera

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Bot.Name: Cananga odorata

Plant part: flower

Manufacture: Distillation

Origin: Madagascar


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Ylang Ylang extra organic

Ylang-Ylang belongs to the annon family ( Cananga odorata ) and grows very quickly. As an evergreen tree, it becomes over 20m high. Origin: Indonesia and the Philippines – today also Madagascar, Haiti, Reunion, Sumatra. Ylang Ylang is obtained extra from the flowers

Picked daily, the flowers are quickly processed.

1kg of essential oil is obtained from approx. 50kg

Distillation produces two types of essential oil. After about two hours you get the essential oil Ylang-Ylang extra, a pure floral scent, sweet and exotic. Very popular in perfume production because of the increased ESTER content.

It is an oil that stimulates the senses and sensuality, which is why the oil is used as a basic fragrance for the world-famous “ Chanel No. 5 ” a.

It is not for nothing, according to an ancient tradition, in Indonesia that people still sprinkle ylang ylang flowers on the wedding bed on their wedding night.

Basically, Ylang Ylang can be mixed with all other oils, especially with it sandalwood , Tonka, vanilla , Vetiver, cedar , Lemon oil, cypress

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Physical effect: Antibacterial, skin-regenerating, anti-inflammatory, hormone-regulating, slightly lowering blood pressure. Helps with allergies, itchy skin, acne, injuries, blemishes, to

Effect on the soul: Balancing, relaxing, mood-enhancing, sexually stimulating, antidepressant. Helps with: uncertainty, doubt, stress, restlessness, burn-out syndrome, fears and nervousness.

Ingredients: Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Benzyl Salicylate **, Eugenol **, Geraniol **, Benzyl Benzoate **, Farnesol **, Linalool **
** natural components of essential oil

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Ylang-Ylang extra organic essential oil from Primavera | Angeldar

Ylang Ylang extra superior organic essential oil from Primavera

11,90 "*"