Meadow Kings / Real Meadowsweet Essential Oil

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Bot.Name : Filipendula ulmaria with Copaifera langsd. resin oil

Plant part: Herb

Manufacturing: Co-distillation

Origin: Germany WS

Manufacturer: Maienfels natural cosmetics


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Meadow Queen / Real Meadowsweet Essential Oil

The Real meadowsweet ( Filipendula ulmaria ) is a species of plant that belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae). It is native to almost all of Europe and can be found on nutrient-rich wet and wet meadows, on ditches and brook banks as well as in alder-ash forests. The real meadowsweet is a key plant on seldom mowed and nutrient-rich river edges.

Here comes an absolute highlight. Meadowsweet flowers from our wet meadows and forest edges collected in laborious work, as the flowers are relatively small and it takes hours and days to collect a sufficient amount. But it was worth it. Not distilled with rosemary as available in the market as this doesn’t go together at all in my personal opinion. The soft, flowery meadowsweet with the dominant camphor scent of rosemary, an unhappy and disharmonious wedding.

The real meadowsweet

We distill the meadowsweet flowers with copaiva balsam resin. Very harmonious, a love marriage of the first order, the discreet, restrained copaiva balsam resin gives priority to meadowsweet in the dominant fragrance and even supports it in its charisma, so that one gets the impression of a full-bodied, pronounced meadowsweet oil. It is necessary to strive for CO distillation with another oil when extracting meadowsweet, as meadowsweet oil is very difficult to capture and requires a carrier oil.
The carrier oil in the distillation, in this case copaiva balsam resin, is represented with approx. 10%, but in the end result only noticeable for experienced noses.

For 1ltr. Oil you need about 150kg of herb.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist.

Not for small children, with high blood pressure and pregnant women!

Physical effect: Antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant, hypertensive, circulatory stimulating, to

Emotional effect: Stimulating, activating, vitalizing, refreshing, um


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Meadow Kings / Real Meadowsweet Essential Oil

Meadow Kings / Real Meadowsweet Essential Oil

14,90 "*"

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