Tea Tree WS Essential Oil of Farfalla

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Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia

Quality:contr. bio-Wild collection Certification: NASAA,


Plant part:Leaf

Type of extraction:Water vapour distillation

Second name:Bush-Oil

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Tea Tree WS Essential Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia, commonly known as a tea tree, is a tree species or tall shrub of the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. Endemic in Australia, it occurs in southeast Queensland and on the north coast as well as in the actual home, New South Wales, where it grows along streams and in swampy plains, and is often the dominant species where it occurs. “Bush-Oil” may only be called the tea tree oil from the area of origin of the tea tree (New South Wales) and from ecological game collection. Farfalla now offers the particularly high-quality “Bush Oil” – tea tree WS essential oil – and no plantation oil. A quality feature for a good tea tree oil and good skin compatibility is a high content of terpine-4-ol (over 35) and a low content of 1.8 cineol (below 5 ). Only fresh tea tree oil may be used on the skin!

Only oils of recognised quality should be used. The criterion is the content of cineol, a skin irritating substance that is less than four percent for the best oils. High-quality tea tree oil is skin-friendly and may also be applied undiluted to the skin.

Other oils that go well with tea tree oil are: Lemongrass, Verbena , Pine, Citrus Fragrance, Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Peppermint Oil
50 kg of leaves yield one litre of oil.

Before internal use, please consult specialist books, doctor or aromatherapist

Although the oil is not toxic, it should not be applied pure with very sensitive skin (children’s skin) as it has a slightly skin irritating effect.

Effect Soul: Stabilizes and helps against anxiety.Boosts body and mind.Opens the mind for new goals.In case of psychosomatic discomfort. Stabilizes and helps against fears. Protection and stability in the event of hustle and bustle. Provides clarity.

Physical/internal effect: Abscess, Is antibacterial and helps with respiratory diseases.Teebaum WS Essential Oil is detoxifying, urinating and sweating. In addition, good for furuncles, urinary tract inflammation, viral disease and wound healing.Herpes (apply undiluted), gurgling agent for throat inflammation, mosquito bites, neurodermatitis, vaginal flushing in case of fungal infestation. Is good at
Inflammation of the neck, gums and vaginas, treatment of wounds. Teebaum WS Essential oil also has a high germ-killing effect – fungi, viruses and bacteria with at the same time very good skin compatibility even with sore throats.

Ingredients: Among others, pines, monoterpenes, terpineol, cineol

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Tea Tree WS Essential Oil of Farfalla

Tea Tree WS Essential Oil of Farfalla

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